Which Strengtheneth Me

Elder Teagan J. Pitcher ... Serving in the Copenhagen Denmark Mission
Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 7, 2015

This is the last post for Teagan's mission blog.

I have been asked if it felt like he was gone a long time.  As I've thought about this, my response would be ... The days were long; the months were fast; and two years passed by in the blink of an eye.

He has been home just over a month now, but really only spent half that time actually at home.  We returned to Denmark with him just after his homecoming and spent two and a half weeks touring all the wonderful places he served.  It was a blessing to meet the wonderful people he worked with.  We are grateful for his service.

This video captures some of the highlights of his mission.


Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

This week was awesome, and I'm going to kind of rush things because, number one, I'll be seeing you so soon, and number two, we are going to a really awesome castle for my last p day, and I'd like to be sure that we are on time for that. 

A couple of awesome experiences from this last week. 

At Mission Conference on the steps of the Temple
Mission Conference!  Got to see all of my old missionary pals, and bear my final testimony to the entire mission and before an area 70.  I didn't get to do it in Danish which I was sad about, but I was more happy that I got to do it in front of EVERYONE that I know here, so that was pretty sweet. 

‘VL’ came to a baptism this week in the other Odense ward and he really enjoyed it!  He's getting along well with the ward, and will be coming with us to an appointment at a member's home this week.  He passed his baptismal interview yesterday, and he is excited for his baptism, and has asked me to stand in the water with him.  First time on my mission, and I'm really excited for the opportunity :) 

He's such an awesome guy.  You can really tell that he is just trying to do what is right. 

Later in the week we had a really special experience with ‘C’.  She is still having a tough time with her boyfriend, and it even started to get to the point where she's been considering breaking up because he's holding her back from the church and what she knows is true.  It sounds innocent enough, but if she breaks up with him, she's breaking off all her ties, and won't have a place to live (though ‘R’ has offered to let her stay with her at this point). 

On with the story though, we were teaching the law of Chastity, and she was in agreeance with everything we were teaching.  ‘R’ was with and was giving a lot of support, and the whole lesson just went really well. 

Towards the end of the appointment though, I could sense a lot of anxiety from her.  She was really scared to tell her boyfriend, because she knew what she had to do.  I offered to give her a priesthood blessing to help her feel comforted, and she accepted.  By the time the blessing was over she had tears flooding her eyes.  ‘R’ came and gave her a big ol' hug and they just sat there for a really long time.  The spirit was so strong!  It was incredible, and we testified of the spirit, and she was just overwhelmed with the spirit. 

Continue to pray for her!  She's so close, and wants to be a part of the church so bad.  She has so many good friends here now. 

Love you all, look forward to seeing you soon, and I'll have a chance to send a quick note next week :)
Ældste Pitcher

NOTE:  I wrote to Elder Pitcher and told him that he should be proud of the work he did on his mission and that he had planted seeds that he may not even be aware of, which will bear fruit later.  He responded with this:  “Sister Mandla at mission conference told me that one of their investigators close to baptism has a Book of Mormon he received about two years ago from a set of missionaries in København.  On the inside cover is written Ældste Pitcher og Ældste Francis.  :)  I thought that was a pretty awesome example of what you were talking about.  Look forward to seeing you soon!”