Elder Teagan J. Pitcher ... Serving in the Copenhagen Denmark Mission
Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

I need to buy new white shirts, and slacks here pretty soon.  Also could you send me some more of the good deodorant?  Just in a future package if possible, the Danish stuff isn't great.  Don't remember if you know what it looks like, it's just the orange cap right guard gel antiperspirant.  I think it says 72 hour protection on it as well.

NOTE:  We attended our nephew’s mission farewell this Sunday and President Eyring lives in his Ward and was presiding in the meeting.  Mindy was talking to President Eyring after and she mentioned that Teagan was serving in Denmark.  He asked her to tell Teagan that he loves him and that Denmark is a wonderful mission. 

That is so cool about Elder Eyring!  It's even more awesome because I have seemed to be reading a lot of his talks lately in Danish ;)  I love hearing that I'm loved. 

This week I took a nap on a box while Elder Ogden was fixing his bike, ate some (assumed) tainted horse meat :P  met with my Ward mission leader and decided that you and Dad have Danish twins.  ‘W’ and ‘A’ really do look like you guys, it's weird.  I'll have to get a picture with them next time. 

We got a LOT of pretty pictures in the wheat/raps fields surrounding Skive, and had a nice little day trip to Lemvig.  What a different little town that was, only two people were even home in the 1 1/2 hours we were there. 

Sunday we had an investigator caravan driving to Skive for church.  We had 5 investigators this week in church!  We got a shout out from the zone leaders and the assistants, and are so happy to finally see some of the fruit of our labors really come forth.  ‘C’ is happily on his way to get baptized this week.  It's crazy to hear about the progression from the long haired, alcohol loving ‘C’ that Elder Syversen and Gines met in the beginning to the clean cut, happy ‘C’ that is ready to make lasting commitments with the Lord this week. 

Sunday was very emotional.  Elder Ogden gave a wonderful talk about coming to Christ, and made almost all of our investigators cry.  In our guest class they all told us they had felt of the spirit confirming to them that it was true what Elder Ogden was talking about. 

It really touched one man in particular named ‘R’ who had lost his son just this last week.  He said he felt like his son was with him in the meeting.  It was really beautiful, and great to see that we were actually making a difference in these people's lives. 

We also invited ‘J’ to live the word of wisdom this week and she said she would!  She's well on her way. 

‘C’'s daughter is also really interested (‘H’) and she has been asking us a lot about what it means to be a member in the Church, and more about our beliefs.  We challenged her to read and pray and she has also been taking the lessons from us, so that is going really well.  She'll be coming with us to the baptism on Saturday. 

After leaving that appointment a man poked his head out of his window and told us he had LDS family members in Hawaii and invited us up.  That turned into another lesson with him (‘S’) about the church, a baptismal invite, and his information so that we could talk with him more another time about the Book of Mormon we gave him.  He's a free mason, and really excited to hear more about us as he's studied many religions. 

Other big news, my old companions in Frederiksberg are meeting with ‘K’ Again!!!  They say that he wants to give the church another shot.  That was just a great way for me to end off the week.  It's been an awesome one! 

I'm missing you guys like crazy but know that I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. 

Ældste Pitcher