Elder Teagan J. Pitcher ... Serving in the Copenhagen Denmark Mission
Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

NOTE: Teagan's cousins (Quinn Pitcher and Josh Harris) both received their mission assignments this week. Quinn has been called to serve in the Portugal Lisban Mission, and Josh was called to the Adriatic North Mission (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Montenegro)

That is so exciting for the both of them! I'm super excited for them to all get over here already and get going in the work.

I'm also happy to hear that the missionary thing has been on your mind. It's crucial for members to be the ones to extend commitments to people and not just full time missionaries, because eventually the missionaries leave the area, but the Ward is where they will stay, so they have to feel comfortable with the people there.

Happy to hear that Tia and Tay had a good one [birthday] as well. I'll be sure to extend my birthday wishes to them as well. :) I loved the pictures.

Ok, so a week in Denmark... It has been extremely cold here for the last few days. The snow isn't quite what it is in Utah, but the bitterness of the cold, I would venture to say, is a whole lot worse than what I've experienced in Utah. The wind just bites into you.

While we are riding our bikes, it's not uncommon for my eyes to disperse tears all over, and then for them to freeze to my face. It's just Cold yo!

Sadly this was one of those weeks where people weren't so willing to keep appointments, but we worked hard anyway, and it was still a pretty awesome week.

We made a ton of corn dogs on Monday for an eating contest with Troels, and his girlfriend (guess we didn't get our fill on Thanksgiving). We made 40 corndogs for 4 people, and I only had 6. I felt so sick.

‘K’ is coming along slowly but surely. He hasn't missed any church since he started talking with us again, and he is still really active in our lessons. The tobacco has been really hard for him, but he is kicking it slowly from what he said the last time we were over. He reads the Book of Mormon for like 5 hours every night too. He majored in philosophy, and law, and he actually wrote a book about the existence of God that he gave to us the last time we were over. Part of it is in Danish, part is in English. He's an awesome guy, and he is really excited about becoming a member. I hope he continues to pull through.

We had our district activity this week! I have pictures. We went to IKEA, and 'Feet a Fish' [you stick your feet in a fish tank and the fish feed on your dead skin]. Way cool. The fish tickle worse than I think I could ever possibly tickle one of my nieces ;) but you do eventually get used to it. After you are done, your feet feel amazingly smooth. The calouses from hockey are significantly decreased.

We also went to a park with a hampster Wheel, and I almost sent myself in a circle like a real hamster I got going so fast.

Fun week, lots of people staring at the name tag this week received a nice smile. People do that a lot right before smiling back and acting like they aren't interested. Hearts softened but not yet quite accepting. It's a step none-the-less :)

I think that is pretty much it for the week. I'll be sending pics as well so just calm yourself. I love you both so much. I've been having a lot of dreams where you guys come to pick me up, and when you get here I can't speak very good Danish and I don't have a lot of fun mission stories... Super depressing.. I promise that isn't going to happen! :)
Elder Pitcher

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

I had a pretty good week.

‘K’ is really working hard for his baptismal date at the end of March the 29th. He's still smoking, but he gave up coffee, and he's working really hard. We meet with him often, and he comes to church every week. He's doing better each time. I hope he makes it.

This week kind of went by slowly, and for the most part we were just doing stop bys of old investigators who didn't live there anymore, and also setting up appointments for next week. But hey, at least this next week has a lot in store for us!

We went to a Castle this week! I'm going to have to wait for some of the other better Pictures though with the Carl Bloch paintings and stuff like that because my camera died right at the beginning, and I had to have Sis. Hale take Pictures for me.

The temperature dropped this week, and so we got a lot of snow with it. My back got way muddy from biking those nights even with my mud guards over my tires :P Oh well.

I am sorry I can't think of much else that has gone on this week. Like I said, it was a Little slow. I'll get some more Pictures out today though.

I'm happy to hear that you are still into the yoga thing, and that you guys have been keeping yourselves busy. Sounds like you are both getting along quite well, and it makes me happy to think that your happiness didn't depend upon me haha!

I love you both very much, and will be praying for you.
Elder Pitcher :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

This week has been the best in my whole mission. My District got the district of the week we did so well.

Æ. Francis and I got 5 new investigators, and one of them was a really prepared old guy who has investigated before, and is wanting to be baptized! His name is ‘K’, the Sisters found him at a park the other day and he is working really hard towards it so we will be setting a date with him at our next appointment this week! Super exciting!

We are also teaching ‘T’s new girlfriend who is really open to everything that we are talking about, and then there is also an old investigator named ‘M’ from Argentina who likes talking with us. Hopefully we can get her to start keeping some commitments.

Then there are two others, one named ‘S’ who Æ. Francis contacted on the street a while back on splits, and had a list of like 50 questions for us, and the other is a guy named ‘I’ who I've never met with before because we were on splits with the assistants that day.

I almost feel like I don't deserve all of these blessings, but I know that we have been working really hard, and that I've got a lot of people praying for me back home so I know it makes sense.

This was a great week for missionary work, and we are going to keep the ball rolling for this next week. Our goals are meant to pull the same kind of work load we did this week, so wish us luck!

I think we are going to the castle today! I'm so excited, and I'm super sorry the photos have been delayed, I'll get a link for them out to you at the end of this.

Emailing at the office is soooo much nicer, so much more convenient. We didn't do it before because usually we have to be out early for a weekly meeting that goes on, but we will just start getting up earlier, it just makes sense.


I love you both so much, and want you to know that I really have been receiving blessings for your prayers. If there is anything specifically that you would like me to prayer for the both of you for, just be sure to let me know also!

Ældste Pitcher

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

This week has been a tough one.

We didn't have a lot of people to stop by, and it seemed like I wasn't with my companion very much because we went on splits two days in a row.

My goal this week has been to be more patient with myself, so I'm thinking Heavenly Father and I know that I need the same thing and He is just providing me with the opportunity to better myself.

If nothing else, I know that I'm receiving blessings, I just wish there were more occurrences of others receiving the same kind of blessings.

While on splits with a completely new missionary in an area that I've only ever been to once before we did experience some miracles though.

In the morning we went out to contact along some beautiful coastline next to the other missioinary’s apartment, and that is where we contacted ‘S’.

‘S’ was very excited, and even told us he was on a spiritual journey of sorts. He and his wife had been having some problems, and so he took a tour of Europe, talking with missionaries in France, and now with us. He took a Book of Mormon, and plans to meet with the Elders in this area, Elder Willardson, and Elder Jewkes (Quinn's friend) today.

He was really positive, and excited to read the Book of Mormon and despite how hard the rest of that day was, just the fact that I was able to speak with that one man made the whole day worth it. Not that it isn't worth talking with all of the other people, but it was a blessing to receive probably the best contact of my mission on such a trying day with someone so new to the land.

New Years was fantastic. It was like a war zone when the fireworks started. I heard rumor that it would blow away the 4th of july, and I'm sorry to say it, but it really does.

There is not a spot on the skyline that isn't lite up with fireworks from the hours of 11 pm- 2pm. It is all out anarchy here. And I even got to watch it while laying on the ice because the members house we were at was right next to an outdoor skating rink. I felt so at home ;)

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to smile at every person on the street, and I've been successful with that so far.

Another is to develop a new talent, and I carved a lion out of soap so.... I think that is what I'm going to focus on in 2014 for that goal.

I am so sorry about the pictures. I do have a lot of good ones but we are back at this library again that doesn't allow it.

I think I have finally convinced Elder Francis that this library isn't as awesome as it seems. There’s this guy that keeps coming by and getting upset with us for using the computers for something that isn't looking at books, so we should be going somewhere hopefully where I can send pics from.

That's pretty much the weekly update for now.

Loves ya'll
Med Venlig Hilsen
Ældste Pitcher