Elder Teagan J. Pitcher ... Serving in the Copenhagen Denmark Mission
Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

The mail is reliable, but it takes like 2 weeks around Christmas time. I'm thinking about sending one home, so please send me requests from the Family and you both. I'm writing both Mom and Dad in one email so I hope you aren't too offended, because you both get the longest emails, and I don't want to write two of them.

The packages also have to be under a certain amount of money each or they will confiscate them ... hope they weren't over $80. I'll be sure to write Carson.

Got our bikes finally. I love mine, I'll send Pictures of it. I hope the bike was less money than you were expecting. I actually got a really good deal on it for being a new bike and in Frederickborg. They are normally closer to 7000 krones after all of the mandatory lights and stuff are put on, but I got mine for about 3000 krones.

I actually had initially made a deal with another guy at a bike shop close to us for a used bike that would have cost about the same as the new one, so I dropped him, and now it's super awkward when I have to ride past his shop, but it's whatever.

You are right. My rule is that if you want to get an email, then you need to write me first, but I will always get back to you, if not one week then in two for sure :)

So you know how before I left we talked about the whole women in the priesthood thing? I encountered it last night with this Icelandic lady in our Apartment complex who has been receiving lessons, and now says she doesn't think she is interested because of the separation of men and women in the church.

Despite all of our best offers to provide her with more information, she was clearly set in the way that whatever she had read on Wiki whatever was the info she was going to listen to. I was super frustrated, but know that she enjoyed the first lesson with the Assistants who live with us (Elder Whitlock and Elder Elsbury) and that she is still keeping an open mind about us for the most part while she is looking for answers. Just have to be patient.

We also did speed contacting last night with the assistants since they have a van. My idea. Basically we were doing chinese fire drills except with a gospel message to a random person added on. Loads of fun, and people really got a kick out of it, even if they weren't really interested in our message.

I love you both so much, and want you to know how much I can see all of the help you've given me in preparation of the journey that I'm now in the midst of.

Love you both so much
Elder Pitcher

PS I also bought a new side bag that was a little expensive because my old one ripped and was giving me back problems. This one is awesome, and is what all of the Danes Wear. Super durable Swedish brand called Fjalleraven.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

It is so crazy that I have already been out here this long. It makes me feel like I almost don't have enough time here to do all of the stuff I would like to as a missionary. Here is my update that I should have sent you last week.

So last week I got on a plane, slept for the entire travel time except for getting told by this Indian guy that we didn't believe in Christ, and also when it was time to eat.

Denmark is incredible! We got into the city, almost went the wrong way on the gågade (walking street with shopping malls and stuff) because our Mission President's wife accidentally started to drive on it (which is normally ok, except when there is a big Soccer game riot going on like there was) but she flipped around and then took us to see the Kristus.

Absolutely beautiful!

Then I stayed the night at the mission home, and got introduced to my trainer the next day. Elder Francis who is just awesome. We get along so well, and he helps out so much. We actually first met before at the Kristus church which was cool, I kind of got a preview of my trainer before hand.

Funny thing was, after meeting him, I got my hopes set on staying here because it seemed like a great area, and he was a cool guy. I even told the Mission President that I would like to stay if it were my preference which is kind of cool.

I then got to do loads of different things for the first time; like give out a Mormons Bog to a Muslim guy (which there are a lot of here, and it's interesting too, because I've seen they are a lot more receptive to the message than the Danes are).

We had an awesome appointment with Amy W's Uncle, who I didn't know was Amy's uncle until yesterday at Church where I also talked with Amy's grandparents in broken Danish. I can't believe I didn't catch this so much earlier. She even told me that they were all in this area!

We also have been talking a lot with this non-active pro soccer player from Nigeria named 'F' who plays for FC København in the champions League. We got to share an awesome spiritual thought with him, and his friend 'S' (real name) and actually taught 'S' the first lesson. They both came out to a week activity called CUV which is basically like Young Single Adults, and I got to play ping pong with them, and they both are amazing.

'S' doesn't seem to be very excited about making any commitments,and has told us that he isn't really that interested, but we will see.

I guess there is also this young African girl named 'E' who plans on getting baptized here within the next few weeks, so I might get to see my first baptism here soon!

Then there was our appointment with the 'B' Family. Wow! They are this active Family from Ghana, and they love to feed the missionaries. We weren't allowed to leave until the food was gone. And there was a lot.

They have a Little boy named 'D' who can speak English, Danish, and this African language that they all speak, and he switches between them all of the time. He's the funniest Little kid, and he and I are reading the same Little Disney comics to understand Danish better. Ha ha.

The sister missionaries brought an investigator named 'M' who is also from Ghana, and knows the 'B's well. Any questions he had were answered by the 'B's as we sat back and ate, because there was no way we were going to get a word in in such a boisterous conversation - hahaha :) I guess that's just the culture though.

It was an awesome time, and the atmosphere was so much fun.

We have such an awesome Ward here. We go away from every eating appointment feeling like we couldn't eat another bite without bursting. Part of the dining etiquette here is to always take seconds, so that also makes it a Little bit harder to shove that much food down.

We had our Thanksgiving day the other day, as part of our Zone conference, and we even had a turkey bowl as part of the fun, and I played QB for my team.

It was freezing cold, and raining in typical Danish fashion, but that wasn't about to slow down all the fun we had.

Then, later in the evening was our Thanksgiving feast followed by a fun skit for a talent show where I was the girl with a RM on a date to Olive garden and my companion was my thoughts (it went well, lots of laughs), and then to finish off the evening was another eating appointment with the most beautiful newly wed couple I've ever seen.

So with full tummies we rolled ourselves over. These people will have model children guaranteed. They made carne sade, and of course I had two helpings. ... ugh, it was so good, but I was SO full, and then on top of that, with beads of sweat dripping down my face, I had to give the spiritual thought. But, I got complimented on my spoken Danish, and that alone made it all worth it. 'Du snakke meget godt Dansk!' was enough to make my day:)

The Danish people are amazing, and they are so encouraging of when you actually try to speak Danish. They are a wonderful people with a beautiful language.

So that was last weeks update, hope you liked it. Now for this week, I've been on two splits so I haven't been in Frederiksborg as much, but I have still had some good experience with an Elder Christensen, and an awesome family named the Molebecks that we got to go visit while up with the Zone Leaders.

We played soccer with them, and ate tons of food, and had a really great spiritual thought. I think their daughter actually leaves for her mission to Idaho next week.

After that we had a long bus ride back to the train station, where I got to sit and listen to this adorable little baby laugh her head off because of the faces that we were making at her, and because she was laughing, we were laughing, and pretty soon everyone on the bus was laughing right along with this little baby. So funny, it was awesome to get a good laugh in.

That is pretty much it for now, but I hope you all are still having fun even though your pride and joy isn't around;)

Love y'all
Elder Pitcher

Questions and Answers

What do you think of your Mission Pres and mom? What are they like, and do you see them very often, living so close to the mission home?
Mission President and Mom are the bestest. Super fun and helpful.

Where is your companion from and what is he like?
Elder Francis is really helpful with everything, and has a lot of good advice. It's good because me and him can share good jokes we get along so well.

Did you get a coat? Do you need heavier boots, etc?
I got a coat, and I've heard boots won't be necessary, and nobody buys them :)

How is the work going? How do you contact people?
Awesome, lots of people to try to talk with. We get lots of rejections when talking with people on the street, but we still have a lot of people to talk with that are less active, or are still investigating.

What is your ward like?
The Ward is Huge here. But that's just because it's Copenhagen, and the people are awesome. They love having us, and always try and help us out.

How is the language coming?
Good. As good as it can for only being here for two weeks I guess. I give all of the spiritual thoughts at dinner appointments, and I speak as often as I can so it's getting better. I'll send a picture of my language study from Disney comic books also. They help with the context questions. haha

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013 First letters from Denmark

November 11, 2013

(Part of a letter written to his sister)
 ...I'm happy to hear that things are going well with you and your chilluns and hubby.  I loved getting to hear about all the fun little adventures that you have been up to, the stories are always the best.

I love Denmark, the city of (drum roll please) Frederiksborg in downtown Copenhagen ;) is absolutely awesome.  Cold and wet all of the time, but awesome.  I love it here. The language is taking some getting used to obviously, but it is amazing to be trying to speak it, and the people here are so great too.

We are teaching a less active guy right now who plays for the local professional Club soccer team, and also another less active who looks just like Paul....... weird. just weird.  How was Catching Fire??  :O  it's a pretty big deal in Denmark, and I think it premiers this week.  I saw your girlies costumes in some photos mom sent.  That was fun.  I love you so very much!  Thanks for updating my profile and stuff too:)

(Part of a letter written to his brother)
...The first week out here has been awesome! I have a great trainer, Elder Francis, and he's really helpful.  I've already given out my first Mormons Bog (Book of Mormon) on the street, and am getting better with the language (I think).  Lots of people that we teach here have actually ended up speaking English which is a nice little first week present for me, but I'm hoping that changes so that I can actually start to get that complete immersion feel.

I have the opportunity right now of teaching a less active who plays for the local pro soccer Club.  It's pretty cool, and he is an awesome guy.  We actually got the opportunity to teach a member present lesson when he was there because his friend 'S' was asking a bunch of questions.  So we got to teach the first lesson, and give our spiritual thought.

I love it here.  It's cold and wet, and quite a culture shock, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.  I'm so proud of the way that you have committed yourself to everything that you have been up to lately.  Everyone has good things to say about the awesome things you have accomplished over the last little bit with football, and work, and it makes me want to improve myself.  You've been an awesome example to me....I just wanted to let you know how happy I was to hear from you!
Elder Pitcher II  (get it? ha ha ha)

Friday, November 8, 2013

From the Denmark Mission Office

Received 11/8/2013

Elder Pitcher has arrived safely in Denmark.

His first companion is Elder Francis. They will be working in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.

We are pleased to have Elder Pitcher serving in our mission! Thank you for sharing him with us!

Den Danske Mission

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 2, 2013

So today is my half p day, and in only a little over 24 hours, I will be on my way to the most beautiful country on earth (in my very humble opinion).

I am honestly so excited to get going. I know that it is going to be so hard leaving, but I wouldn't have it any other way, because I want this to be a growing experience, and because it is what the Lord wants me to do.

For all of my missionary friends, I just want you to know what fantastic examples you've been to me, and how grateful I am to have gotten to know some of you so well, even if I only got to know a few of you just a few months before. You have all had a significant impact on me, and again I just want to let you know how grateful I am.

I love the Danish language, I love the beautiful country of Denmark, and most of all I love the Danish people! I cannot wait to get out there.

My MTC experience has been awesome, no doubt, but now that I'm getting so close, the only thing left to do is leave.

I hope that MY PARENTS wink wink nod nod;) will be able to hook everyone up with my mission blog that they have set up so that everyone can follow along a little bit with where I'm at, and some of the pictures and stories I have to send home. From what I hear it is pretty awesome. I don't really have access to it right now, but I'm looking forward to seeing it because I know that they've done a good job.

I love you all very much, and hope you aren't too worried about me out here, because I'm having the time of my life:) again, thank you all for being such great supports to me.

Elder Pitcher

P.S. if my parents don't send out the link, they're emails are in the mailing list of this email, so email them and get on their case until they send it:)

October 29, 2013

Again I have neglected to bring my planner with me that holds all of the important info from the week, but not much has happened other than getting our travel plans.

We will be flying through Dallas, then to London, and then to Copenhagen. I can call you guys from the airport so hopefully during my half p day in preparation for the departure date, I can let you both know what time I will be calling.

Sounds like all is going pretty well at home. I was happy to see that everyone was doing well through the pumpkin carving party. Looks like some fun.

You guys will have to let my friends know also about my blog so that they can stay caught up if they so choose, I'm sure some of my closer friends would appreciate it.

I love the socks, and takis, and the salsa party was great. I made a sand castle with the sand, I'll have to show you that.

I am loving my MTC experience, but I'm to the point now I think when I just want to be in Copenhagen already! I love Danish. I just want to speak it all of the time, and I've been trying really hard to do so.

From what the word is, we will be contacting on the first day in the mission home. Sleep deprivation aside, I'm really looking forward to that experience because after all that is what I'm here to do!

Thank you guys for all of the letters and everything. It is awesome to have so much support, and I have felt so blessed.

That's funny about sister Grundvig working with Sister Taylors father. She is such an awesome teacher, if not my favorite, even though they are all amazing. She's a fun personality and has helped me a lot.

I love you guys!
Elder Pitcher