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Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello! I loved the emails for this last week.

I had just barely written down to ask you all if you had heard anything about my guy friends recently, and then low and behold they are all yoked, and still playing their parts in the world like such good little citizens. Hahaha, but really though, more weights in our apartment couldn't hurt ;) Just kidding, I'm actually in really good shape right now.

I'll be attaching a Picture of what I typically eat just so Mom can be reassured that I CAN take care of myself, and I've put on about ten pounds in muscle since being here. It's nice to have that time set aside every morning for that. Not much, but just enough.

Besides that I really was glad to hear about how everything is going back at home. That is really awesome that Joseph Gudmundson is coming to Denmark. Missionaries are needed! We have a lot going home in the next little bit, and not as many coming as going it doesn't look like sadly.

This week: skipping to Wednesday: Ældste Taylor's left half of his face started to puff up like a balloon so I got to have my first taste of what it is like in a Danish hospital. You have to call your doctor in if your problem isn't considered serious. That was a nice little wait in the waiting room there... All that he really needed was some antibiotics, and then we were out of there. Oh, Danish hospitals...

Yeah six months! haha

Thursday, went on splits with Elder Syverson from my MTC Group, the Elder that I met at Chilli’s just before going into the MTC. That was fun to get to serve finally with someone from the old gang.

One of my lines on familysearch says King Arthur of the round table on it.... hmmm. It is way far back there, but it is there haha. I think it is on Mom's side?? I was just trying to see how far back I could go, and that was the line.

Sunday, I gave a talk on temples that actually went really well. I felt very accomplished.

We gave out Easter bags to the members that Æ. Taylor's mom had sent, and they went around showing them off, super excited. They looked like old 5 year olds showing off their Christmas presents the day after. It was so funny. They were really grateful.

Such fun old people we have here.

Earlier in the week we went to one member's house named 'B'. She is one of my favorite members in Denmark. She is always so cheery, she reminds me of Grandma Pitcher, and she still is always out on her bicycle that she got in the 70s that she claims is the best bicycle in Viborg (where most of the members live), but she refuses to wear a helmet, because she 'watches out for herself well', and 'thinks that people look silly in helmets' haha.

She makes the best food too. Such a delicious roast. I about near threw up after because I just kept eating, not realizing how stuffed I was.

I also wanted to give you an update on Æ. FRANCIS: After going home to figure out what was going on with his hip, they found a tumor on his hip. That is the most recent news that I have heard on how he is doing, so be sure to keep him and his family in your prayers.

I was thinking about buying a nice WATERPROOF, really classy Danish looking jacket for my early birthday present, I might be getting it if it is still on sale. If not I won't worry about but just so you don't freak out if some Money from my account disappears ;) Hope that that is ok, if not then this is a big IOU for the future :)

PLEASE SEND IN YOUR NEXT EMAIL... *Drum scores *Siblings physical addresses
That is pretty much it. Pictures on the way, Love you both!
Ældste Pitcher

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

So anyway here is my week:
Monday, when we were leaving the library to go buy groceries, a group of American girls passed us going the other way giggling and talking with each other, and then they went quiet when they passed by. I was thinking about why when one of them went "OoOoo!" to me and Elder Taylor as we just passed by. I was very flattered, and we just laughed about it the whole way back to the apartment.

There were also a lot of toads out and so we saved a bunch of them from the middle of the street seeing how there were already frog guts all of the place.. 'Toad'-ally worth it ;) Pun-sational!

Tuesday, knocked a lot of doors, got a lot of angry old ladies saying that we couldn't be out at 7 in the evening right before they were about to go to bed...... I love Scive :) It's always a riot knocking doors here.

Wednesday we went around picking up trash just to try clean up in the area a little bit. We've been focusing a lot on service to try and soften peoples hearts since missionaries are already well known here... not in a positive way sadly. So that was very good. Many old ladies coming up and thanking us and asking about our organization that we were from... Ja tak! :)

Thursday we had our district meeting in Randers and went to this place with the biggest Durham Kebab I've ever seen. I'll send pictures, but man was it delicious. I ate the whole thing in one sitting :) I've heard it claimed to be the biggest one in the mission, but I'm not positive.

Friday, weekly planning and knockin..

Saturday we invited our good buddy 'P' from England to baptism, and he said yes if he got a confirmation. I asked if there was anything we could do and he said there was nothing that we could do that missionaries hadn't already done before, that it was just up to him to feel 'a small nudge' for him to be completely converted as he said it. I'm going to find something flap dangit.

I asked him a lot of questions that day.

Sunday we went out knocking after church. (I blessed the sacrament for the first time in Sacrament meeting this week!) And knocked an entire set of apartments and received the same response of 'I'm not interested' the whole way. I only counted 2 people that were under the age of 60 the whole time as well. Crazy.

We also made a Cat friend that followed us for a few blocks after we saw it in an apartment complex and started playing with it. It found us again in the evening time on the journey back and followed us back towards our apartment. Funny little thing haha.

That's pretty much it I think.

Takis are always a nice treat if Sara was to bring anything :) I had forgotten the exact day I went into the MTC but did realize I was coming up on that 6 month mark pretty quick. I'm very excited to have been out for so long, and I'm excited to see where I will be at in another 6.

Time really has just flown by. I have had a lot of dreams recently where I am back getting onto the plane to Denmark, and before I realize it I'm coming back down off of the elevator to the Salt Lake airport and don't remember anything!

It is very sad, but has been encouraging me to keep up with my journal and make the most of the short time I have here so I think it is also a good thing sometimes. Let me know if there is anything that I can pray for anyone for! I love you both!
Ældste Pitcher

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Jeg har det Rigtig godt faktisk! tak! (I feel really good! Thankyou!)

New Address, Thomsensgade 25, 1 7800 Sciva Denmark, Europe, World, Universe... ;) name that movie. about a boy. just in case you forgot.

I would suggest only send letters to this address and send packages to the Mission office. I think it says that already, but it's just easier that way.

I went from the biggest city at the heart of the country to the smallest population way out in the middle of farm land and a small fishing town called Sciva. I love it here! My companion is awesome, the apartment is bigger between us two than the one that I had to share with three elders before, and the youngest person in our branch of 12 is over 50! haha!

The work is definitely a lot slower out here, but it is fun to be working here, and the area is gorgeous. Much more forest than I'm used to.

If you want me to do any specific family history work let me know. We just opened up a Family History Search Center in our church, and president actually called for us to start doing it weekly as we invite people out. So I'm going to be in there often to help people, but also to do it myself so that I can relate to others. We have already seen so much success from talking with people about this stuff. It's awesome, their hearts are immediately softened and everyone here hits an emotional note when you talk about families.

Monday, I saw just how many senior citizens there are here, and started keeping track of jazzies spotted in this tiny Little town.

Tuesday, I gave out my first Mormons Bog (Book of Mormon) in Scive, and a girl that looked like she was 25 said she would have to get her parents’ permission before she read it. I know sometimes girls here are mistaken for being younger since Scandinavians tend to be a bit fairer, but come on... haha.

I realized I'm on a peninsula ... wha? haha.

Wednesday, met a guy named ‘P’ from Great Britain, and talked about Family history and how he wants to get a kilt made with his family tartan. I told him I knew a guy and that if he bought the tartan and the shipping I might be able to get it made. Didn't make any promises because I don't know if Dad is too busy, and he kind of said it in passing, but we'll see, just fun to be able to relate with him on that basis. He also has a dog named 'Chipper' that he says like chippah! if you can imagine in a British accent. Too good ;)

Thursday, soo much rain! We also had an eating appointment with one of the most interesting families I've ever met. Two close to twenty year old daughters. The father is from Sri Lanka, is about 60, and is getting ready to go to Japan to earn his 12th Black belt. He's jacked. Just this ripped older man, and his Danish wife. They are all super funny, and just like to hear about religion. The daughters are actually more interested than the parents, but the parents just want their kids to know about religious importance. I think he is Hindu, and she is Christian.

Saturday, Met ‘M’. I already explained him in the photo. Just a way interesting life story. I think he wants to be a pirate... the painting is above my bed in our room ;)

Sunday. Sunday school was awesome with all of these seasoned members. :) I talked about marriage and I don't think I could have had a more funny first lesson in the branch. Here is just one of the many funny things I got to hear an innocent old lady say. I'm going to make you translate it ;) 'mænd skal ikke gifte sig med den der kvinde som han vil gerne gå i seng med, men med den der kvinde som han vil gerne stå op med' (men should not marry the woman he wants to go to bed with, but with the one woman he wants to stand up with) I almost laughed really loud. It was really bad haha.

They also made a list of things that people should do to prepare themselves for marriage. Spiritual preparation, economical preparation, be attractive... hahaha, they actually spent a good 15 minutes going off about the last one and how people need to be presentable at every occasion. It just was fun.

I love the members here. Not a very exciting Sunday, but definitely a fun one haha.

My comp. is Elder Taylor he comes from Las Vegas. He went to USU, and played rugby for his first time there and did really well from what it sounds like, and then he also plays the cello. Apparently his whole family is very musically talented.. All the girls and the father play violin, and all the boys play cello. We get along really well. We both like adventure time and puns, and we just have a lot of fun. I'm glad he is going to USU because he's definitely someone I want to keep contact with outside of the mission. He has been out for about 10 months I think and speaks very good Danish. This is his second area I believe and before he served in Aalborg the third biggest city, so we are both kind of big city boys on the mission serving in a small branch. way fun :) That's just a Little bit about Elder Taylor.

To answer Dad, they test us on the language because they want to make sure that the people here are actually going to learn the language and not just laze around and live off of their welfare. It's pretty much pointless though because nearly everyone passes no matter how good they are at Danish, and you only have to take it once.

Anyway, love you guys, and it's great to know how everyone is doing good there as well!

Elder Pitcher

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

This week has been an awesome last week in Frederiksberg. I got to see many of the wonderful people that I came in contact with during my time there, and it was awesome to see the progress they have made, and the friendships we now share.

Tuesday Elder Hardy Hansen, Sister Peterson, Sister Grant and I had one of the best train rides I've had in Denmark.

Coming off of the spiritual high from Zone Conference, I felt like it was just bound to happen that I would find someone on the train ride to Slagelse for splits. Sure enough, a man came in and began to put his things in the overhead bin when I just asked him if it was cold outside. From that one second of opening my mouth sparked an hour long discussion about family history, the church, and in the end a prayer. We asked for his info at the end and he said he wasn't that interested in meeting but that he was grateful for the family search site, and explanation of the church.

We weren't the only ones to have a fun ride either. Sister Peterson and Sister Grant talked with two different people, shared prayers with both of them, got their information, and Sister Peterson even invited the man to baptism to which he said yes! Crazy Little 'soul train' we had ourselves there as Elder Hardy Hansen liked to call it.

We were all so happy after that we had a nice quiet moment off from the station to have a prayer in gratitude of what happened.

Tuesday found out my new area is Sciva! One of the smallest Towns. Quite a change from the big city. 

NOTE: Skive is a town in Skive municipality (Danish, Skive Kommune) in Region Midtjylland at the base of Salling Peninsula, a part of the larger Jutland peninsula in northwest Denmark. It is the municipality's main town and the site of its municipal council. The town of Skive is located at the mouth of the Karup River (Karup Å) and the Skive Fjord, part of the Limfjord. Skive has a population of 20,503.

Thursday had my language test which was so easy it was offensive almost.

Saturday ate with our fingers African style at the home of a member named ‘P’ from Uganda. She is an incredible lady. Very strong testimony.

Sunday Copenhagen said goodbye to me with a beautiful sunset as we watched the changing of the guard at the Queens Palace. Right after which we had a lesson on the street with a man from Poland. Awesome way to make an exit.

I'm excited to be serving in Sciva! Elder Taylor and I already get along really well.

Seems like all is still well there. I sent Carson an email to read when he gets discouraged with drumming last week also, so if you ever hear anything about that remind him to read it. I love you Guys so much! Looks like you all are still having fun as well. This is good. :)

Elder Pitcher

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Glad to see you're staying busy!

I gave it this title because you guys are so silly. I've never seen Mom and Dad so productive outside of working, hockey things, and taking care of me. I'm very happy to see that now that all of the kids are gone, you two know how to take care of each other as well. I'm so lucky to have parents that love each other so much.

Monday. Went to Amager to try and go to Vore Frelsers kirke (our saviors church) to get a pic from the top of the spiral but it was closed. I hope that isn't the last opportunity I get, because I have a good feeling that I will be transferring this coming week.

I had a miracle on Monday too. I felt inspired to go down a road that I never had before, with Elder Redd following confused behind as I told him I had no idea where I was going. We went and talked with a woman named ‘L’ (Happiness) and gave her a Book of Mormon, and our testimonies of the gospel. She accepted, and gave us her number to try and set up an appointment. She ended up not wanting to meet, but said that it was because she had just lost her father and was not sure if she was ready for this yet. I again bore testimony of our faith in eternal families. We haven't heard from her since, but it was a miracle for me nonetheless as the first person to listen to me in literally weeks of contacting in this transfer.

Tuesday. Splits with Quinn’s friend and my good buddy Elder Jewkes on Amager. What a stud. Went and stopped by ‘G’, a Rastafarian African less active who gave us his CD (don't worry it's in a bag to go home) and listened to a nice spiritual lesson.

Friday: I had a China Day! Went down to visit a Chinese man on the southern most part of Amager who is a recent convert named ‘D’. Awesome man, and he even fixed my first flat tire for me.... realize how I say first ... they both went flat again on the journey back up to the northern part of Amager. Then I talked with Yang Yang over the phone, a less active Chinese man in our area about an appointment we made. Then we headed back to our area to help ‘C’ (lovely older Chinese women) move AGAIN. Luckily Elder Redd and Elder Williardson took care of it before we even got there since she was moving into just a different part of the same building so we didn't have to deal with her family of fours amount of things, and almost falling to our deaths in the sketchy tiny little elevator again.

Sunday: We met Captain Irish man on the street... crazy old dude with 3d glasses wearing all green looking for food in the dumpster that was claiming to have been chased by the Cubans, the Chinese, and the Russians. The Chinese have tried to brain wash him, the poor guy. Turns out he has his own youtube channel ... not sure if that is a recommendation that I should make, he makes a LOT of inappropriate words through an Irish accent ... though I'm fairly certain he is just a crazy old English speaking Dane.

I also had the worst migraine I've had in quite a while. I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep because my head was pounding too hard when I would lay it down. I just sat on the couch straight up until the pain medication kicked in enough for me to feel good with resting my head again. I am still feeling pretty light headed from it actually though it has gotten MUCH better.

You talked about having prayed for me. I think that may have very well been what it was for, cause that was no fun. But anyway, I love you both very much, and hope that y'all remember to still work every once in a while with all of this play ;)

Elder Pitcher