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Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hey MOM and DAD :)

Answering your question(s). I do still write people like Aunt Val and Bishop Donat... I haven't been so good to do it every week, and it's always just a couple pictures with a description so nothing big.

This week was pretty up and down. After a few appointments that went well on Monday, and then the amazing trip to Copenhagen and Fredericia (for Elder Pike), Elder Pike and I both ended up coming home with colds. Though it wasn't anything we couldn't work through it did show that we were feeling pretty exhausted after spending two nights in a row not in our own beds, and travelling sick. It didn't help either that many of our planned appointments fell through leaving us with much more open time to have to manage towards the end of the week.

'M' got sick and was unable to meet, and then 'K' our baptismal date told us he would be driving across Jylland for work for the next 4 weeks which was also kind of a bummer.

It was a week with really high highlights, and then it seemed as though we were pushing through brick walls for the rest of the week. In any case we got through it, and we have high hopes for next week so I know it's nothing we should be too worried about.

Elder Pike is coming to the end of the training program, and seems ready to take over the area.  We should be getting transfer calls here any second!  I'm expecting a new area here pretty soon so I'm looking forward to this quite a bit.  I hope they don't send a weinie to Viborg ;)  Just kidding, I have complete confidence in all of the missionaries I've ever met with in the mission.  We've got a wonderful group over here. 

We also held an English class this week.  A few people from Syria have been looking for an English teacher and through a friend they got to us.  I love teaching English, especially since I speak more Danish then Elder Pike because I get to teach the beginners, and it's a good little challenge, plus the people are always so gracious about everything.  It just makes you feel like you are making a difference in people's lives even past just telling others about the gospel. 

Bottom line, I'm happy.  The Copenhagen trip was awesome.  Going through the temple again was amazing, and I got to see the newest of the films which I was pretty happy about since it's pretty far between visits to the temple.  Overall a pretty good week :)
MTC District - one year

I'm glad you've commended me for my good picture taking because to be completely honest, and I'm sorry to say it, we didn't have time again in Copenhagen to get pictures :P  When we went to the temple we left our things in the church and I didn't have my camera, and then it was straight off to the trains when we did get back.. sorry.  I did get a few pictures though. 

I'm also happy to hear that you are getting more tech savvy.  That is a huge part of sharing the gospel that the church is just now starting to chart into, and it's incredible to hear about the amount of referrals that have started coming out since this part of the hastening of the work has been looked into. Keep it up! :) 

I didn't end up doing anything special for my one year mark, but I did get to talk with a lot of missionary friends for a long time on the way home so I consider that to be my present.  Sister Henderson (from my Group), and Sister Hale (served with me in Copenhagen) were both on the train back, so it was fun to catch up.  I really do have the best MTC Group. 
Everyone in the mission always talks about it, and we just kind of know it ;)  It was great to see them all again and how much they have grown as well.  They're all great leaders. 

Love you both!
Ældste Teagan Pitcher

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 - ONE YEAR!!


I included my note to Nana in an email to Brianna... :) 

I got the package.  It's incredible, I love everything in it, especially the Danmark jersey! 

I'm sure you'll have to remind me later about the memory thing for Mom's b day.  I'd like to take my time on it, so just remind me each week and I'll be sure to send it soon. 
Sister Rogers and Sister Hale

Sister Breanna Rogers is going home in October, somewhere around October 6th.  We're good pals so that would be a good one to go to :) 

That will be around transfers time and I should be leaving after 30 weeks in the Skive branch especially since I just trained, but you never know, we'll just have to see.  

Elder Pike and I seemed to have quite a good week. Though frustrating at times because there were many of our more promising investigators and less actives whom took some backwards steps, we were still able to pull things through and have a great week.

It's also been a great week for contacting. Elder Call and Elder Hafen were over for splits this week, and in the one afternoon we raked in 4 new potential investigators!

The rest of the week was great being able to be with the stake and fellow missionaries. I felt like I got a lot out of the messages that were taught, mainly that small details make big impacts, and that doesn't only mean for the impact I have on others, but also the impact I'm trying to establish in myself.

These past few weeks have been a large period of personal growth. I hope my trainee feels the same way :) I have really grown a lot from the training program, more so on this side of it than the other side at times. 
Something fun from this week.  We went as a district to the Mønsted limestone mines again.  It was a blast!  I'll be sending pics.  We also ended up riding our bikes back to Viborg.  It was a blast.  14 KM bike trip really ended off the activity on a good note :) 

I love you both so much, and I'm really happy to see that everything is going well with the shoulder, and the hockey, and the grandkids :)  I miss you both a lot.  Have an awesome week!  I'm sending pictures don't worry :)

Ældste Pitcher

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Here's my week....

We have been working really hard recently, and those people we have been looking for have finally started to come through in our weekly reports.

We set up a baptismal date with our new friend ‘KT’ earlier this week. He's a little bit crazy and all over the place, but he wants to follow Christ in whatever way he can, and was willing to give up smoking right away! We're excited to be a part of his progression.

We also were able to have a great law of chastity lesson with ‘M’ and ‘S’ this week. They both expressed that they knew that it was for the best, and talked about the blessings they knew would come from it. It was great to have them both participating so well. They are going to talk about it because we obviously can't make that choice for them (though I have thought that out in my head, and it looks pretty funny, 'will you marry him?' haha).

It also seems that we will be starting up another English class in this part of the country. A few recent friends of ours have looked to set something up. They are almost all from Syria, and we'll be teaching them English in the coming weeks.

Conquering the hill 4x per day!
Other than that, I'm really looking forward to yet another trip to Copenhagen! It will be good to reunite with the BEST MTC group in the mission again :) Also many great friends from the earlier group which is Elder Ogden's group.  We're going in for some sort of 1 year mark reunion.  I'm so excited!  Hopefully we'll actually get to do some touring around this time because we will be in the city for like 6 hours! :) 

Crazy to hear about everything that happened in St. George.  I forgot to mention this before, but Connor King's father also plays the bagpipes!  I couldn't believe I had forgotten to add that in.  I think he even knows how to play the chanter. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the package, and want you to both know that I love you guys so much :)  Have an awesome week!

Ældste Pitcher

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hellooooooo!! ;)

Of course I'm so proud of all of my nieces and nephews, that's good to hear that they are doing so well. They're all going to be too big and too smart for me to mess with them anymore though, they'll just have memories of me giving them a hard time... oh boy haha! 
Iron man

I think you overestimate the time we actually get to spend in København when we go there...  We sadly, but efficiently, were only there for the meeting in the morning before we promptly headed back to our areas. I can tell you what though, the trains are still as pretty from the inside as ever ;) 

I sadly didn't actually get to shake Elder Bednar's hand.. The meeting was really good though, and I got to stand up in the meeting and share my thoughts, and let him ask me a question.  It was just talking about one of his talks he had instructed us to read beforehand talking about praying with the intention of acting.  It was very powerful. When Elder Bednar bore testimony of the apostolic keys, it felt like a super nova of the spirit exploding from the stand and rippling out over the crowd. I know that what Elder Bednar was talking about is truth. I'm so greatful that we had that opportunity.

We invited Michelle to baptism this week, and she said 'definitely!', as long as she continued to feel as good about it as she does right now. We will be inviting to a date for our next appointment. Michelle and Steven were also able to have their son, Nephi blessed in church yesterday! This little family is our greatest focus right now. We feel so privileged to be teaching them, and Michelle is already very prepared to apply the gospel in her life. She's already acting in so much faith!

From one appointment with Lesslie, who hadn't been to church in 12 years, and a simple church invite, now we have this special opportunity, and it's been a wonderful chain of events to be a part of.

We also were able to find two new friends to teach this week, and have set up 2 times for the coming week when we'll be coming back to teach them more. 

I love you guys, have a great week!
Ældste Pitcher

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

This week I'd say was a pretty well rounded week for Elder Pike and I.

Woodpecker door knocker
We got around to a lot of people and have started creating the multiple lessons with investigators and less actives, and this coming week is going to be a very busy one for us! ‘A’ was in Church this week, and had her tithing meeting with our branch president as part of her working on getting to the temple!

We had an appointment with one of the less actives in our branch's son (whom is also less active) and his wife whom, along with the mother have been going to the Randers branch recently. The wife is very interested, and they are actually having their son named Nephi blessed in the Randers branch next week!

Anyway, we have an appointment set up with the wife for this coming week. We have high hopes, and are trying to approach this lesson with a lot of faith in setting a date. This is a great time to be in Viborg!! 

Elder Bednar's coming to speak to everyone this week as well, so THAT's something.  I'm excited to go back to København :) 

I also did some major reconstructive surgery on my bike this week after the chain broke, the handle bars loosened up, the back tube popped, both tires wore out, and the back Wheel loosened up all in one afternoon!! 

I forgot to mention this one last funny thing, but this women in our branch had us and the Skive Elders over for dinner, and told us a bunch of her stories she could remember from being a young girl during WWII.  After the history lesson, Elder Call complimented the member on her memory and remarked jokingly that he couldn't remember yesterday, to which this sister quickly mocked, 'Er du på stoffer?'  *are you on drugs?*.  We died laughing.  This sweet 80 year old lady made my whole day with one quick joke.  Not to mention the delicous meal :)  That's pretty much my week though.

I love you both so very much!  I'm very excited for the work you both have been doing at home as well, and love seeing all the pictures! You guys are the best :) 
Ældste Pitcher