Elder Teagan J. Pitcher ... Serving in the Copenhagen Denmark Mission
Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 22, 2013

Oct 10/22/13 1:31 PM


This week has been awesome. I have seen increased language speaking ability.

I had all of the stuff highlighted out of what I wanted to respond from your letter but I left it at the residence hall so I'll try and do my best.

I can't get access to any other internet pages other than the approved church websites ... sorry everybody. You may just have to regurgitate as best as you can.

The hockey game sounds like it was good times! I thought that was pretty funny that there was that one player [one of the Grizzlies defensemen’s name was Teagan] that was so fitting to the night and that he got an assist. I hope the tradition was fun, and I can bet I was there in spirit.

Is everything ok at home? Last night one of the elders in our district walked into our room last night and said he felt impressed to come in and ask if there was a person who was in need of a blessing. I hadn't felt the necessity of one, but for some reason I was prompted to ask this inspired elder to give me a blessing. It was the craziest thing, but it put a peace over our room, and before we knew it, we watched two other elders give their first priesthood blessings, I gave two others, and the entire room was given a blessing before the time for bed came.

I just wanted to know that everything was ok because right as the blessing began I felt the impression that maybe there was something going at home that I would need some extra strength to hear.

I'm sure things are fine, but I just wanted to be sure. It was a very powerful evening last night.

I'm looking forward now to this package, and I'm really getting my hopes up so it better be good... just kidding, no pressure.

I am just happy to be getting so much support from everyone. It's almost too much, I feel like I can't respond to everyone in a timely manner.

I had an awesome teaching experience this last week with an "investigator" who was struggling to find why the gospel was so applicable to her, even though she could feel that there was good in it. It was interesting how I was able to say things and relate to her in Danish without feeling a language barrier. I don't remember if I already told you about this story, but it was pretty awesome.

We get our travel plans here in just a few more days!! Craziness! And then I'll be out of here in just another few days. I love it here though.

You will have to send me some pictures, I don't think I've received any from you yet. Anyway, much love.

I love you guys so much :)

Elder Pitcher  

October 15, 2013

Oct 10/15/13 2:28 PM 

Please do it for me! [We asked him if he wanted us to start a blog for him] I would love to have someone do that for me, I just don't ever have the time to write things down. I love having so much support, but it is ridiculously hard trying to respond to everybody. I would love to have that blog idea though if you would write on it.

I loved the pumpkins and my district loved them. I'll send you a picture of mine and Elder Wright's pumpkins in another email also send TAKIS. Gas station sells them, they are the best and the only thing I can't really get my hands on. MEGET TAK!! TUSIND TAK!

Send me pictures of the family pumpkin carving when it comes! I loved the pictures you did send!

I've been trying to get handwritten letters out to everyone, but it is coming slowly.

I can't remember if I told you, but as far as the language is going, I can bear testimony, say prayers, and say the complete first vision all in Danish! I was actually able to use the first vision in a lesson this last week and the spirit was so strong! The spirit bears testimony of truth in every language. I feel much more confident in understanding what our teachers our saying in our lessons, and teaching "play acts" and I feel like I am reading off of a script much less, and let the spirit guide rather than just shooting in the dark.

I love our branch presidency, and our teachers. They are all like much more tender loving hockey coaches.

In a devotional, one of the 70 was talking and he joked that we would hear that night how English was supposed to sound and it made me think of how awesome you guys are for doing that whole Tuachan thing... if that is how it spelt. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time.

My writing skills are very slow I know because I'm trying to jam a bunch of stuff in here, so hopefully my jumbled up thoughts written out in my planner throughout the week make at least some sense.

Can't remember if I told you guys about the story about the prison in Denmark, but basically there was this felon who stole a senior couple car and felt bad so he brought back the car and turned himself in. Turns out he was wanted in 3 different countries including Denmark, but because the prisons there are so laid back (PlayStation, 15 year sentences for killing people, and a white line rather than a fence) and because it was a Friday afternoon, they told him to come back in on Monday since they were just about to close for the day. I thought that was pretty funny, and he still turned himself in just fyi.

Our visas are all good in our entire district. Turns out we all had them from the beginning, but were still freaking out because every Danish missionary before us had to go stateside for a while. We'll all head out together though, and it's just a wonderful blessing.

You guys need to go check out the Danish birthday song, learn it, and then never go back. It is the coolest birthday song ever. It kicks our b-day song in the buns. Also their Christmas (Jule day) is way cooler. It's like a week long, and they do the thing where they sing holding hands around the Jule day tree. Kind of like in the Grinch stole Christmas. As it would turn out, Dr. Seuss got that from the Danes, and made it into a Whoville thing.

I got an awesome new pen. You both should look into them. They are called Zebra Telescopic pens, and I'm never going back to using another shammy pen again because this is the best, and the coolest.

There is a Legoland in Denmark! If I end up in that area, I'll have to get something out to Carson for sure.

Our District's hobbies also include funny hat wearing, beat box jamming, barber shop quality harmonies, and obedience of course.

My Companion and I ARE ZONE LEADERS, so much power!!!! :) hahaha. We are so excited, and we can't wait to start into all of the many responsibilities. I think we both could tell when Bro. Hodges called us in for an interview what was going on. We get to help a bunch of new missionaries get settled too which should be fun.

If you were thinking about sending homemade salsa, that would be awesome. But that's just to say if that is still and option.

I love you both so gosh dang much!
I love it here!
Pictures are on the way.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 8, 2013

Oct 10/08/13 12:33 PM 

Such a spiritual experience for me to sing under Mr. Dehaan again. And then it hit me even harder to think of all of the missionaries that he knows he is leading across the globe that he knows personally. What an awesome experience for him. 

Elder Demordaunt accidentally decked a Sister Missionary in the face. We were walking back from the temple and he saw a friend from school who was honking at him, out of excitement he threw up his arms and smacked the poor sister square in the face completely on accident. He immediately apologized and all was well. 

Got to go to the temple today and do initiatories. I love and miss you guys so much and you should have a hand written letter coming to you soon, but just so you know I have been doing great! I love that sermons in a sentence book you got me, and I have already been able to utilize a few things, and snagged a talk idea from one. What a nifty little missionary tool. 

My comp is still as awesome as ever, and we share a lot of good laughs. I just look at him as like a friend from back home because we get along so well. I'll try and see if I can get some pictures to you guys. 

 Jeg elsker jag! I love you guys so very much! 
Elder Pitcher

October 1, 2013

Oct 10/01/13 9:25 AM 

Momma! I love and miss you so much! But I'm not homesick at all ;) I am having an awesome time, and I have loved every second of it! 

I had a bunch of things to tell you, but I left my notebook with all of my info back in our room so I'll try to relay as much as I can to you right now. 

The language is coming along, the gift of tongues is so real. Also known as tungemalsgaven, with the "o" over the "a" :) 

I love my first comp, we get along so well. I'm not sure if you got my first letter yet, but Tuesdays are my p days, and my comps name is Elder Wright. He went to Sacramento with me. He is from Orem, about two minutes from here. He was actually Mr. Orem from what I heard, so look him up. 

 Our district is so close, it is great. We hang out whenever and wherever we can. 

Quick funny story, the first day we were here, the MTC President’s wife was talking and she was telling us about calling each other "Elders" and "Sisters" rather than "guys". She said there are still guys, but they aren't here, they are at home dating your girlfriends. Pretty funny. 

We have 8 elders, and one sister. Poor Sister Henderson is stuck as a solo, but she is a good sport. Elder Demordaunt in my room is an awesome kid; someone to sing in the shower next to in our shower stalls, and everywhere else for that matter, so that part of me hasn't changed. 

I am getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, eating better so don't worry too much ok? I'm a good kid, and I'm taking care of myself. I seriously am having the best time of my life here, and I cannot wait to get better at the Dansk. 

I have some pictures so be sure to share them with family. I hope they get through ok. I get to work out with my comp because he also likes to, which is nice. Sorry for my poor sentence structure, there just isn't a lot of time here, and I have a TON of emails to write. 

Let Nana know I love her so very much and what an incredible lady she is. I wish her the very happiest of happy birthdays, and a few very merry unbirthdays as well when I'm gone. 

Dear elder works great, I don't care too much if it is hand written or not, as long as you let me know what is on the up and up. I loved the package, it was very sweet and I love having the snack food now that there isn't so much of it around. I also wanted to let you know that I found a penny on the floor today right after I got done telling my comp about the whole penny thing with papa and showing him that picture of him. He shared a nice laugh with me and we continued to clean. 

He has been here with me mom. I wanted to wait to tell you about this after I got into the MTC, because I didn't want to watch you bawl the day before I left, but when I went out jogging Tuesday I felt a presence that I hadn't ever felt before. After long debate with myself while running through our neighborhood it was clear papa had been out on the jog with me. Even though I had my headphones in, and I couldn't have said before that time that I had felt papa with me, this experience sealed for me what I already knew, that this was the right thing to do. I'll continue to keep up with my journal so no worries there. 

 Jeg elsker dig! 
Elder Pitcher 

p.s. MacLean was in the room next to mine the Tuesday before I got here! He was going to be my host, but they moved to west campus. I got to talk with him a bit after a devotional and he is doing well. Also got to talk with Peyton Starks and he heads out soon, if not already. He is a stud, they are both going to be awesome missionaries. 

p.p.s. My teachers are awesome, and I had a cool experience getting to send out the Swedish Elders who we got close to this week, by doing the classic singing of hymns out loud in their room. Very spiritual. Sorry these are all so broken up. My brain is scattered. Lots to do. Loves bye ;)

Monday, October 21, 2013

We begin.

My wife and I have seen several missionary blogs and decided that while Teagan was in the MTC and unable to start one himself that we would start it for him.

He likes the idea and we will be posting from time to time the things that he would like us to post.  Perhaps, with the new way the Church is using social media he will be able to do the posts himself.

We have added his farewell talk (audio - see link on menu bar above) and his Eagle scout video which he received just before his mission (I imagine with the lowering of missionary service age to 18, that will happen a lot).  In any case, we hope you'll be able to refer to this blog from time to time and see how Teagan is doing.

We love and miss him a great deal ... and he misses us, but (and I quote from his last letter after 4 weeks in the MTC - Missionary Training Center), "I haven't stopped loving the MTC yet ... I feel like I'm at an advantage ... because I know my reason and purpose for being out here and I'm confident that the Lord will take care of the rest after my willingness and love for the Danish people."

Well ... that says it all ...