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Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad!
Send me the talk!  I'd love to hear it!!

NOTE: Mindy gave a talk in Stake Conference on Family Unity – It was AWESOME!!

I really love the pictures you got this week.  I'm happy to see that everyone is still doing so well.  Crazy how fast time flies!

Zone Conference
This week. Short and sweet.

Another week has flown by, and things are still rolling on down here in Sønderborg.  We were a little bummed out that none of the people we invited to church this week came along, especially since President Sederholm was there, and we were really pulling for ‘M’ after that lesson, but we're resetting our goals, and applying some new plans so that we can see that change here in the coming weeks.  Things are looking up.  We continue to get a lot of support from the branch, so I'm hoping in the next week, with the support we have, we will start to see some change in our friends' progression. 

‘A’ and ‘M’ are both still working on getting to church.  We have pretty regular appointments with the both of them, so hopefully we see some change in the next few weeks as we continue to make that a focus. 

We are still really rooting for ‘Ma’, and will be having a member present to a lesson with her this week.  We are coming in with a date in mind, so we'll be sure to update on how things progress with her over this next week.

Not a ton to report on, but it was still a pretty solid week. 

I did get some pretty good pictures this week. One that could definitely be a screen saver (wink, wink, nod, nod)  You'll know it when you see it :) 

I love you all so much!  I hope you have an incredible week!

Ældste Pitcher

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

NOTE:  We got to talk to Elder Pitcher yesterday.  He's looking really good and still loving his mission.  This was the last time we'll talk to him as a missionary.  Next time we see him will be when he comes home.  We all have mixed feelings - his mission has been such a blessing.

Hey Ma and Pa!

You should have just let Dad take the Picture further back Ma ;)  haha!  That's all on you.  I was glad that we (or rather I) got to joke around as well :)

You'll have to be sure to let everyone you've been getting in contact with recently know that I say, and that I love and miss them all as well.  I'm glad people are still asking, and I'm not that far gone yet ;)

I feel like I was able to express myself pretty well with you all yesterday, so I'll just get right into the week.

Elder Higby and I have been talking about it, and we think this very well could be the best two weeks that we've had together up to this point. Things are really starting to look up, and now that we are kind of working with an out with the old in with the new mentality, it seems like things have been going better.

We met with one man that was a referral from the Randers Elders named ‘S’. He's from Pakistan, but moved to Denmark a while back to escape persecution because he is born and raised Christian. His faith means everything to him, and so coming to Denmark is a big deal to him.

He's found out that his permit to be here isn't going to go through though, so he's likely going to be moving to Portugal in the next two weeks, but was very accepting of everything that we had to say. He said we could meet once more, and then we'll likely be shipping his info off to Portugal along with him, because he would like to have contact with the missionaries once he arrives there.

The lesson had actually gone so well that we invited him to baptism, and he said he just had too much on his plate to be able to think about that right now, but would love to learn more.

We also had an appointment set up with ‘M’ this week with Quentin Cullingford, our branch president. When we got to the door though we found out that her son had been sick the whole day and she had forgotten our appointment. That was kind of downer, but she said she felt really bad, and would make cake for us the next time we were able to find a time. I guess it isn't always too bad to have someone owe you one :) We will be making an appointment though in the next couple of days so hopefully all goes well.

We had a few good service Projects this week as well, and Elder Higby and myself feel like we always have something to do so we are keeping ourselves busy.

Some other fun things from this week were, I got to hold a mini concert with this cute little family that has just moved into our area from Germany.  Three younger girls and one mom.  I felt like I was being called upon by one of my nieces to stand before the rest.  I went ahead though and belted out David Archuleta's version of 'Glorious' from the meet the Mormons movie, which just happens to be the two younger girl's favorite song.

I was laughed at, but in all the right ways ;)

We also had a really good appointment with ‘M’ and ‘G’.  ‘G’ has been wanting us to get in contact with her other son (not ‘M’) and talk with him a bit more about the church.  They set up a time for us to come over and we had kind of BBQ out on the back porch, and had a really fun time.  ‘S’, her son, even told us we were welcome to come over another time to talk a bit more about the church (even though he didn't seem super interested in joining anything right now. We'll see about that last part ;)

Hope you both have an awesome week!
I love you both
Ældste Pitcher

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hey ma and pa!

I'm not going to lie, this week started off as kind of a downer. We didn't have a lot going on for us, and it seemed like the work that we were doing wasn't having much of an affect.

We called ‘M’ in the middle of the week and he told us he would be in Sweden for the next 4 months to have some kind of brain surgery.

Things weren't looking up until Sunday morning when we came to church.

‘A’ and ‘MA’ walked in for the first time in a long time (sadly they've been missing church a lot recently, but this last invite showed some promise.. obviously), and Elder Higby and I were smiling from ear to ear, and then (to quote a little bit of scripture) what added more to our joy was to see ‘M’ and his whole family walking into church!! That turkey lied to us. He planned on coming to church the Whole time!

The day didn't stop there either.

Zone Conference
We were able to have our first meeting with our new branch mission leader Carl, and he has a lot of good visions for the coming weeks that Elder Higby and I are really excited about.

After church we got around to some of the less actives I've never met to see who still lives in the addresses from member list, and we set up an appointment with one older man.

We had a few more good appointments throughout the day, and then with about 20 minutes left Elder Higby and I decide we are going to try and find a good place to knock. Elder Higby felt prompted to pray for a miracle find, and after I said 'amen' we hit up the first apartment to knock.

We ended up going to 3 separate locations until we found the place we wanted, we were deep in conversation and walked passed the first two doors. Everything up to this point was a blur, but we walked inside and started our way knocking down the apartment complex we found ourselves in.

The last door of the night was interested, and exchanged information with us. We told her directly that she was an answer to a prayer, and bore testimony that it was something that could really help her. We'll be meeting with her this next week. Wow.

It all went so fast, but Elder Higby and I knew it was an answer to a prayer for something we've been working for, for a while now. Sunday was an awesome day, and a great way to segway into this next transfer together. I'm really looking forward to these next six weeks.  

As far as picking me up goes, I don't really mind what the final plan ends up being.  I know that it says in that little travel packet thing that we got though, that parents are supposed to pick us up at the departing airport.  I think that would be neat to say bye to my Group that way as well, since I won't get to have the flight home with them to talk.  That's just my thinking.  Anyway.... ;)

We'll be skyping from the ‘C's place on Sunday. He's the branch president, and actually from England (wife is Danish) and they are awesome. I'm thinking that I'll be calling around 4-5 here which nine hours back is about 7-8 in the morning.  That's the plan for now.  I'll try to hop on and let you know if there are any severe changes. 

I love you both.  Have an awesome week!

Ældste Pitcher