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Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Hey Ma and Dad... ;)

This week was lots of fun.  We got around to a lot of different stuff and I feel like we're pretty close to having an explosion in this area pretty soon.  It takes forever for these computers to add pics so I'll get right into it. 

Working backwards from what I can remember, we had 'JM' with us in church yesterday. Our very friendly amputee investigator. He's been missing his left leg for years, but that hasn't kept him from having a cheery attitude, at least since I've known him. It was his first time in church, and already a few of the members seemed to hit it off with him pretty easily. We have a few appointments set up for throughout the week, and we're looking forward to his furthering progression.

Saturday we were on splits with the Seden Elders, and Elder Vance lined up our day in Seden so that we were hopping from one appointment to the next. The Seden Elders have some pretty high goals right now, and from what I've seen with Elder Vance's work ethic, I think there's a good chance they can reach them.

I also conducted 'ND's baptismal interview that evening. He's ready to go! He's going to be an awesome member, and it seems like he's getting good support from the ward. They are already making space for him, and looking for a calling and home teachers so that he can hit the ground running.

This ward is awesome! From what I've seen, they're one of the more coordinated units that I've served in since being on my mission.

Other than that, our finding efforts have been producing more new potential friends, and Elder Brindley and I are still loving the time that we are having together. We've always been good friends, so it's been nice already having a good teaching balance, and having kind of sixth sense for how your companion reacts to situations.

I feel very blessed to be serving in Odense. I love being a district leader, and the group here is awesome. I count all of them as close friends, and they are all hard workers.

Loves and stuff!
Ældste Pitcher