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Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, November 4, 2013

October 29, 2013

Again I have neglected to bring my planner with me that holds all of the important info from the week, but not much has happened other than getting our travel plans.

We will be flying through Dallas, then to London, and then to Copenhagen. I can call you guys from the airport so hopefully during my half p day in preparation for the departure date, I can let you both know what time I will be calling.

Sounds like all is going pretty well at home. I was happy to see that everyone was doing well through the pumpkin carving party. Looks like some fun.

You guys will have to let my friends know also about my blog so that they can stay caught up if they so choose, I'm sure some of my closer friends would appreciate it.

I love the socks, and takis, and the salsa party was great. I made a sand castle with the sand, I'll have to show you that.

I am loving my MTC experience, but I'm to the point now I think when I just want to be in Copenhagen already! I love Danish. I just want to speak it all of the time, and I've been trying really hard to do so.

From what the word is, we will be contacting on the first day in the mission home. Sleep deprivation aside, I'm really looking forward to that experience because after all that is what I'm here to do!

Thank you guys for all of the letters and everything. It is awesome to have so much support, and I have felt so blessed.

That's funny about sister Grundvig working with Sister Taylors father. She is such an awesome teacher, if not my favorite, even though they are all amazing. She's a fun personality and has helped me a lot.

I love you guys!
Elder Pitcher