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Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Dave: I had mentioned to Teagan that I was following serveral blogs of other missionaries in Denmark including his zone leader Elder Wible and a Sister Rogers.

You're going to love this. Sister Rogers just transferred into my district. Maybe she'll mention me. I don't know. I get along really well with the sisters though, and I've heard she's awesome so I'm looking forward to having her in the district. Just funny that you mentioned that.

Elder Wible is transferring out of our area, so he won't be our zone leader anymore.

I've been better with the journal. The emails have kind of been my journal too, so hopefully you are keeping all of those as well.

Dave: I told Teagan that I did not want him to buy me a Christmas present this year, but would prefer that he perform an act of service and keep me in mind as he did so ... I would do the same for him.

The service thing has been going good. I tried to help an older man in his walker get down from an ATM pedestal that he was having a go with, but it is frustrating because the people here are very stubborn. I asked, 'unskyld, har du brug for nogen hjælpe?' he sternly said 'nej' and continued to struggle off of this thing as we walked on.

Like you, the idea has been residing more with me after you sent the last email. It has shown in a few smaller things, like cutting Elder Wrights hair, even though mine was the only other head I've ever done before (I did awesome by the way, I think that hair cutting runs in the family) and also bringing my companion some medications and his water when he was feeling sick the other day, but like I said these are just the small things.

There is a woman by the name of 'K' that is sick in the hospital right now. She has a friend in the ward named 'M' who is the Danish version of Grandma I swear. 'M' has asked us to go with her to visit 'K' and share with her the discussions.

We go at about a rate of 5mph on our bikes with 'M' leading the charge through the blistering cold, so slow that we are almost tipping over. She's just such a strong old lady. The first time we went we didn't really know just how bad it was going to be. 'K' is very ill, and it is likely that she might not make it more than a few more months.

She has been very lucid for most of the time due to the morphine, and on our last visit 'M' even asked us if we thought it was worth it to keep teaching her now that she wasn't able to be awake for what was being said. I told her whatever we had to say in this life, would be to her benefit, and that even if she isn't receiving it now, she would have that opportunity in the next.

Elder Francis and I then thought of something at the same time, and we are now going back for Christmas as well. We are very excited. We're hoping she pulls through for that long. I'll be sure to keep up with the service idea, and report back to you on how the visit with 'K' goes.

Elder Pitcher