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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

I guess I never knew that I was related to Martin Harris, one of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, or maybe you just left that out, or more than likely, I just wasn't paying attention for the last 18 years ;) is it Papa's grandpa's brother? I think? It might be farther back than that, but What? Crazy. Anyway, that was just mind blowing.

Pretty much all of our work has been done, and if you go back as far as you can in one of my lines, there is King Arthur of the Round table.... hmmm. I'm skeptical haha, but it's definitely there if you go back far enough.

Anyway, very exciting to hear about everything going on at home, I'm really excited for Josh, and Quinn. They both seem ready to go, and will both make awesome missionaries.

On to my week. You already heard the big fun from Monday, Tuesday: our zone made a 400 Book of Mormons with testimonies challenge, and we have led the pack in Skive here the last week, out of the 14 that our zone gave out total, or something close to that,, we had 5 of them!

The work seems to always be going slow, but this is something we are starting to get better at it seems like.

We started a language class this day after having gotten in contact with 8 men from the Congo that wanted to learn English. They even wanted us to take a half hour to teach them a little about the Book of Mormon, and bring swahili books for them to translate from to English, and teach them how to pray, but they left us hanging this last week at what was supposed to be our second meeting, so we are hoping it was just due to the fact that everyone here takes a long vacation for Easter, and that they will actually show up next week.

Anywho. Thursday: Went to Randers for District meeting, got a delicious Kebab from Pepito's before coming back and working the rest of the day in Skive.

Friday: It has smelt like something has died outside for the last two weeks, today was especially bad because the wind started to grab hold of it, so it really hit you in the face.

We set up two appointments for the coming week, one with a woman who wants us to come help move a big tree away, and the other is a young mom, who is interested in what we do as missionaries! Yes! We finished out the evening with the ‘R's’, the couple in our ward that are just awesome. It was a classic visit, Saft (like juice, but comes concentrated), cookies, their small dog trying to jump on my leg under the table during the spiritual thought, and Brother ‘R’ expressing his opinions, which are always things that we agree with.

Saturday: We got burned at our language class like I said, then another appointment burned us, it rained the whole day, and then we had a nice lesson with a woman who told us she would read from the Book of Mormon and that we could come back after our Restoration lesson, so that was good. Her tiny dog didn't sit still the entire time, racing all over the room, it was hilarious, and really distracting, but lots of fun to play with.

Sunday: ‘B’, one of my favorite members here in Skive (makes delicious classic Danish food) gave me a mini shoe horn that I mentioned in passing I was looking for somewhere, so she went and bought me one. It was awesome!

Then we went out knocking after church, and we knocked into this one guy named ‘M’ who had a 4 year old son named ‘C’ who initially answered the door and immediatly started insulting our Danish haha. He thought we were from Germany. It was the funniest thing, he just kept saying 'Far, de der taler forkert sprog!' (‘Dad, they are speaking the wrong language’) and would start laughing to himself again. ‘M’ on the other hand, was very impressed with our Danish, and that we would be willing to serve like we do. He was very impressed, and took a book. He was my favorite part of the week, and it was only a 10 minute door conversation. We are going to go by next week as well, so fingers crossed that we can start teaching a family!

That's pretty much it for the week though, I love you guys, and hope all continues to go well for you! Crazy to think that in another month it will have been a year since I got my call :O

Love You!
Ældste Pitcher