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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

I'll just start off right into it and go off in tangents as necessary.

Mandag: We talked with Betty the female priest from the Folke Kirke, I think we already talked about that but it went well, and we are going back.

Then I found the jacket. We actually went to the initial store on the gågade that I saw it first at, but they didn't have it anymore. Then, we went to another men's clothing store and found the same beautiful jacket, this time in black. I was so excited, not that I wouldn't have loved the other blue one, but black just fits me better.

Tirsdag: We went to Struer to work, and the first two people that we went to stop by didn't have pants on when they came to the door. I guess that is just a common thing in Struer, because it happened once more before we left. Luckily they had something else on.... but not that lucky.

The day went well other than that though and we handed out a Book of Mormon to a young mother, just recently moved in to that home, and said we could stop by another time!

We also answered people's questions about our church at a family history fireside that was open to everyone this day, and we taught the Word of Wisdom. They weren't very interested, but they still love the family history lab so hopefully they will continue to have their hearts softened as they come do their family work.

Onsdag: Went up to Randers where our District leader (Ældste Madsen, Æ. Francis' companion in Copenhagen just before me) and his companion (Æ. Brindley) were waiting to go on splits with us before Zone training.

I went out with Æ. Brindley in the first half of the day and we stopped by a lady, and talked with her about family history work and the gospel, previous missionaries they have had on visit, and because I was the senior companion I got the confidence boost of realizing I was leading the whole hour long conversation. It feels so good to be able to understand and express myself.

In the evening I went with Æ. Madsen, and we went out to knock doors. We knocked into some Jehovah's witness missionaries and had a nice little visit with them. They kept trying to give us pamphlets even after they told us they didn't want us trying to convert them, but whatever.

We still bore testimony of what we knew while respecting their views even though nobody got converted. Plus they gave us cookies so they have to be nice right?

Here is where it the evening gets fun.. We pull up to the apartment and Æ. Madsen tells me about a way that we can hop up onto the balcony in the back and scare Æ. Taylor and Æ. Brindley, he said 'lets do it' and I said 'sounds like fun'.

I don't want you to freak out, the climb was really easy, and I didn't fall, but when we finally got Æ. Taylor to come to the door, he opened it and quickly told us to be quiet because they were in the other room with President Sederholm planning. The blood must have left my face. I thought he was going to chew us out, but it didn't come as a surprise the next day when he laughed in our interview, just after his interview with Æ. Madsen, and told me 'you Elders should have just come in to the living room, I was counting on a group planning session with you'.

Just a fun little missionary story :) President is Fantastic. I just know that he is going to be serving in high leadership positions of the church one day.

Tørsdag: Zone training in Aarhus. Wonderful city, wonderful zone training. I received my 'missionary moment' this training because my birthday is in April, and there were some very nice things said about me, many of which had to do with my sense of humor, which made me pretty happy. Fun is never a bad thing. In fact, Pres. Sederholm even said 'as I'm sure many of you have seen, one great thing about Elder Pitcher is his sense of humor, he's just funny' it was something to that affect, and it made me all giddy to see everyone share a chuckle over that haha.

Fredag: We also had a nuts guy on the street that we contacted try and take us to a church not realizing that we knew full well where our own church was, then he called his dad trying to have him look up the address on google so we finally just said forget it and took off making sure he didn't follow us home.

Lørdag: Viborg Elders came and we started general conference which poured over into Søndag, and that was pretty much it for the week.

We went to some limestone mines this morning, but that will come through in the pictures. This was a good one haha.

Love you both so much!
Ældste Pitcher