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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Easter vacation is huge here in Denmark.

The post only runs a few times during the last week and a half or so, but it sounds like the office got my packages, so I should be getting them next zone activity :) The crock pot sounds like an awesome idea!  I'd love to get some recipes and I'll be sure to look for something in the coming week.  

And Dad, that's awesome that you got offered an opening there with BYU!  That sounds like an awesome opportunity.  My opinion would be that you take it, with the opportunity to teach more seasoned, hopefully less stubborn minds ;) but I know leaving would be hard as well.  

I thought you guys already knew this, but Elder Clawson was my MTC district leader (and yes he did play hockey, I got a picture with him in a Denmark hockey jersey in the MTC), and he was actually serving in the same district as Elder Taylor in Aalborg when they went to the Aalborg Pirates hockey game... I'm so jealous.  They got to go because one of the reactivated members played a big role in helping the team, she was some sort of rink manager or something ... anyway.  

Monday, we had an appointment with a Danish mother named ‘V’ who told us we were polygamists, to which we said no, and explained, to which she said, yes, I know you are polygamists, to which we said no again, and explained again, and she understood that time.  The appointment actually went pretty good, and mostly just because she had a lot of questions, and was willing to read from the Book of Mormon.  

Tuesday, we went to a members home.  Sonia is her name, and she made pretty good food and gave us pastries.  She is so nice, all the members are.  Then the Viborg Elders showed us a huge zip line in the park next to her house and we played on that for a bit.  

Wednesday, we have had only cold water in the apartment this whole week, but Wednesday was when the glacier run off started, and as much as we have tried, nobody knows who our land lord is. The people below us just moved, and nobody in the office knows... I emailed president about it this week though, so hopefully that will be changed soon, just kind of a bummer waking up to that each morning haha.  

We also found a mouse friend living underneath our fridge, and now we have a few traps set with peanut butter.  They do have Danish peanut butter but it doesn't taste NEARLY as good as the American stuff, and it shows because we don't have our little mouse friend yet.

Easter Vacation here is like a whole week ordeal here.  The sad thing is that when we ask people what 'Påske' or Easter means to them they have without fail said 'vacation'  :(  I guess that's why I'm here though, to help change that general idea of what Easter REALLY means.  

Thursday, we had district meeting in Viborg, and then came back and invited one older woman named ‘H’ that we have been teaching to baptism, and she said she would if she found out it was true, and was able to see the blessings from it.  Hopefully she holds to her commitments!  

We also found the best pastry in Skive, which wasn't that hard since there are only two bakeries ;)  'Det Varme Brød' bakery wins out ... in English 'The Warm Bread'.  

Friday we went to a man named ‘B's house who is from the Congo, and speaks only French and Danish.  He only prays in French so I feel like I got a taste of what the rest of the Pitcher missionaries have typically gotten a taste of :)  He actually just recently lost his father and was happy to talk with us about the church as he has talked with missionaries before.  We'll see how that progresses.  

Saturday, we got stood up again for our English class. I think it might just have to do with the Easter vacation but we'll see.  It's such a bummer because we were so looking forward to that.  

We went knocking in the evening, and found one lady named ‘M’ who I'm excited to see.  A man came up with his family and complimented me on my bicycle, and tried to get his shy young son to speak English to me since he was learning it in school, it was a fun little moment, and even though they weren't really interested, it was a good chance to build a relationship.  

Sunday, Easter came and finally I was able to go outside with only my white shirt on!!  It's so nice outside now.  It had been very off and on and windy the last few days but now it is wonderful.  

The Viborg Elders set a baptismal date with their investigator Carl, just the funniest old man you ever did see, and he even asked me to speak at his baptism.. mostly because he doesn't know a ton of LDS people other than them in our branch, but also I guess I have talked with him, and taught him in guest class so that will be fun.  

The ‘K’s (an older couple in our branch) had us over for lunch, and we were full through dinner.  What a blessing to, because we have to buy groceries tomorrow since all of the stores are closed today for 2nd Easter... I swear they are just making this stuff up now.  

Love you both so much!  Have a great week!
Ældste Pitcher