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Friday, June 13, 2014

June 9, 2014

You scared the crud out of me. I thought my dog was dead. You should go back and read that and maybe reword it so your boy doesn't get strung out next time haha.  Good to know that he is doing ok though. NOTE: The dog got out of our yard and was hit by a car (hurt but not badly).

Sounds like a pretty busy week.  I'm really glad that you got to visit with Miss and Levi.  I'm really proud of those two.  They have been working really hard recently along with a lot of my other friends.  It's exciting to see that many of them are now choosing the mission thing too.  The mission field needs my bros. :)  

This has been a really good first week for Elder Hafen and I.  The highlight of my week was getting to go up to Thyholm to visit 'O' and 'L'. I think they sent you some pictures on your email as well so you will have to let me know if you get them.  They are awesome people.  

So we got this referral from the Elders back on Amager about a girl that they were teaching's parents who live up in Thyholm.  They said that they would be calling us so I didn't really think much of it, but they told us that this could very well be an awesome appointment if we were able to set something up.  

They called and were just the nicest people ever.  We set something up and were there on Saturday.  

Only in our first appointment and they already fed us twice, once before, and once right after helping them with some service, took pics of us to sent do our parents, and said that they would LOVE to get a Book of Mormon from us to read, and were very gracious about that whole thing.  

They have the most beautiful transformed summer home ever with a gorgeous look out.  I felt like a prince at their house.  They took care of us, and I can really tell that they are hip with the young folk ;)  

They actually kind of remind me of you guys quite a bit.  They are photographers, empty nesters, and are very active people.  If you guys were Danish, this is you ;)  They were great.  

My second favorite appointment on my mission by far, and that is only behind Christmas eve with a member family with a father for a professional chef so that's something haha.  

I try and fit it all in mom, and sometimes I just can't.

Just know that I love you both anyway, and I'm still working hard.  I want you both to be proud of your missionary.  

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