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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Yo Yo Ma!  and pa ;) 

I got my package first off, haven't picked it up yet from the post office, but we'll be making a stop by just after emailing :) 

We have started to find more people around this last week! Definitely the best week we've had thus far for pushing the work forward. More people are starting to come back out of the wood work that had been gone for a while, and Elder Pike and I are just happy to finally be hitting our stride.

This week just seemed to fly by in comparison, and I know that that is because of the hard work we put in during weeks previous. Among other great less active recent convert lessons, we were able to commit ‘AK’ (from Iceland) to a date when she will be coming back to the temple! We're working on her calendar now, and she's excited to be able to again have the opportunity to experience the temple.

Elder Pike is enjoying new life as a missionary. The MTC-all-day-studies dust is starting to shake off, and I can really see his progression in the language, even just from last week up to now.

I'm going to Copenhagen this week AND next week!! I get to go once for a mission conference to listen to a member of the 70 speak, and then again the next week for Elder Pike's one month meeting when we'll get to go to the temple!! I'm so excited, I'll actually be able to understand what's going on this time!!  :) 

Then Again, we will be going back for mission conference in September for when Elder Bednar gets here!  These are going to be a great next few weeks. I'll be sure to get pictures :) 

That's great to hear about the Family, and that things are still progressing with Corbin.  Of course everyone is in my prayers.  I love you all very much. 

I liked hearing about Brandon's homecoming thoughts.  His mentioning the hymn reminded me of an experience we had while helping a woman in our branch with her yard this last week. 

During studies in the morning, I looked at the beat up hymn book I had from the MTC (my group all bought fresh new ones from the MTC store for the class and took the beat up ones)  and had the impression that the Skive Elders, who would also be there, and us, should give a song along with their spiritual thought that evening after service.  I don't know where all of the hymns are yet in the book, but the member said she would like to sing 'Være hos mig til denne nat'  (or something like that) and then I translated it into my head and immediately took a hit to the chest when the translation went through.. It was 'Abide with me tis even tide'.

Recently I've been having some feelings of inadequacy as far as being able to actually be a means of change in others lives, and when I heard that song I couldn't keep myself together. I had to look away from the group to try and blink away tears more than a few verses and was cutting in and out at the high notes.  I felt a real calm come over me. 

We've experienced a lot of success this week, and I know that it's because of your prayers on my behalf.  I love you guys and hope that you have an amazing week.  Know that I am praying for you, and miss you very much :)
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