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Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

So this last week seemed to be all over the place with going to Copenhagen, but we still managed to get around to a lot of our less actives and make it a worthwhile week.

One thing that I know we can be applying better is the use of our planning around big events. We've had a few recently, and with all the travel time I know we could have used that time, and planned around that time, more efficiently. Live and learn I guess.

Elder Pike is pushing me to be better. He wants to just speak the language as much as he can. He's much more patient with it than I admit I've been, so it's good for me to help me get back into that habit that was much easier with older companions.

The trip to Copenhagen went well, and yet again, still no time to do anything other than go to the meeting and go home. So there aren't a lot of pictures.

I came to the conclusion that Denmark is a lot like the Shire. Everyone tries to keep up their garden, generally keep to themselves, and really really really like their vacation time. Plus, sadly more often than not, they enjoy their Tobacco.. :P

We got to go to the temple!! I was able to actually understand it this time in Danish! It was a pretty great experience, and definitely my favorite part of the trip.

I got sent to such a wonderful place on my mission. I have absolutely loved being out here, and having the opportunity to serve. The Denmark Copenhagen mission, better known as, the Disciple of Christ mission, is a wonderful and beautiful place to be right now. It's starting to rain, and get colder again, and the sun doesn't seem to stay as long, but I honestly have fallen in love with it that way. Jacket and sweater weather was always better anyway :)

Elder Pike also gave a talk yesterday in church! I forgot to mention. He did an awesome job, I was so proud ;)

I love you both so much, and hope you have an incredible week.

Much Love
Ældste Pitcher