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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014

This week has started to show some progression in our area. Though we are still looking for more people to pull through with appointments that haven't yet, we've been able to see some growth in our area just in the last few weeks.

It definitely isn't the same area as when I first got to Viborg. The people have changed, Who we are teaching has changed, in some cases for the worse, some for the better, but I have felt very confident with the effort we have put in and have faith that as we continue to put forward that same effort each week, that we are going to find those who are ready to listen and progress.

Elder Pike is doing well. He seems to get frustrated quite a bit when he isn't understanding, but who doesn't? He has that desire to participate fully in lessons, but he's still a little bit shy to say something in case it doesn't come out just how he wants it to.

We've set goals so that as a companionship we can share the teaching more equally, and so that Elder Pike can begin to feel more comfortable with speaking during appointments.

In other news from this week, we helped move a diagnosed psycho maniac this last week. You may remember her as 'M', the hippie woman we were teaching.  I won't go into details, but she moved to Copenhagen and lost her marbles. 

We also moved our buddy Carl to a new apartment just a few streets down.  He's happy and just doing like he does.  I love that guy.  What an awesome convert. 

Last monday I baked an apple pie!! I feel pretty good about myself.  I MADE shortening :) They don't sell it here so I grabbed a few Things that I figured could be used to substitute and it turned out really well!! I'll be sending pics. 

On Sunday Elder Pike and I went to a wedding a half hour north of Viborg on bikes for some of our Congo friends, Erik and Francine, who were getting married.  They were so great, and they even had us take some pics with them like we were family!! I'll have to get them from them and send them next week.  I failed to get my camera out in time. :P  sorry.

We got some awesome African food and then chatted with some of our other Congo friends that were there whom we haven't had contact with in a while.  Just a fun trip.  Such a great culture they have. 

I have to be quick this week we are pretty busy with appointments today and we still wanted to go to a mine in our area for p day, so we gotta hustle! 

They aren't terribly in common, but I do know that every once in a while people can pick up on German.  I once had a little kid ask me if I was from Germany because I was speaking 'funny' ;)  so maybe they aren't too far off. 

I'd say hold off on the ice skates for right now, until I get an ok.  I'll let you know later on.  I look forward to the package.  :)  I love you Guys, and hope that you have an awesome week.  ALSO!!!

This last week I was talking with the senior couple in our district and they started talking about a Danish member here who is about my age, and looking to play college in the states for American Football.  I told him I knew a guy.  Could you have Phil Farmer or John Scott email me next week, I have a referral for them :) 

Love you Guys!!
Ældste Pitcher