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Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Hey ma and pa

So I broke my camera..... :P  I biffed it on my bike and when my bag flew around I landed right on it.  The card is ok, and the camera still turns on, there is just something wrong with the lens or the screen or something because the options come up on the screen but there is no picture... Should I just buy a cheap new one?  I'm having Elder Lester take pictures of me in the meantime, but just let me know. 

I'm really excited that ya'll get to meet Sister Rogers... Or should I say Breanna... That's weird ;)  She is a great missionary, and was a lot of fun to be around.  Tell her hi for me. 

Oh yeah!  You guys are talking about ‘S’!  He's great, we actually just had our second appointment with him today.  There are just a few more hang ups, but he knows that this is what he needs to do.  Such an incredible story. 

His parents were members when he was young, he grew up in primary, then they separated, and he lost his way.  He had a crazy life style, but since finding the missionaries has made a complete turnaround in his life.  He is planning on getting baptized before the end of the year, and even sooner if he can get around this one last hiccup.  He plays in an ACDC cover band. He's just awesome :) I don't know about the meet the Mormons movie yet, but I'll be sure to ask at the next zone thing. 

So I've heard that this whole mission thing is supposed to go by a lot faster once you get to the year mark, and I must say, that now I understand why.  I am just trying as hard as I can to make sure that I'm always counting UP to 2 years, and never counting down from the half way mark. 

This week I got to go to a little moto cross thing for kids since my companion is so handy with that stuff and a less active in our ward's sons are really into it.  Basically all we did for an hour was pick little kids up out of the mud and get there bikes started again, but we had a lot of fun. 

We also had a humbling experience with contacting one man on the street who had just recently lost his wife earlier that week.  He wasn't able to understand much of what we were saying, only spoke a little Danish and no English, but he explained as best as he could in a thick Serbian accent that his wife had just recently passed away, and that his grandson down the street could help translate.  As we walked he burst into tears, and I got the strong impression to just put my arm around him.  We walked, and he talked about how sad he was, and I just reassured him that everything would be ok. 

When we got to the shop his grandson was at he started translating as we tried to tell him about the happy message we had that his wife would be with him again.  He wasn't interested in talking about anything religious, but he was grateful for the comfort. 

No big miracle story, but I felt better about myself after, and I could tell that it was what he needed at that moment. 

We also were contacted by a Jehovah's Witness missionary (not uncommon) to come to a bible study group.  I normally am not into going to those kind of things, but we decided we would try and see since we had recently contacted a JW couple who were interested in what we had to say, and figured there might be a good chance that they would be there. 

The JW's burned our appointment though. Turns out they don't really meet there when they say they do. Oh well, we might try back in a few weeks. 

It's been a great first week for me here in Helsingør! I'm loving my new area and my new companion and new people. I really felt like this fresh start in a new area was really good for me.

Elder Lester and I are working hard to make this a changed area. There seem to be a lot of old habits from previous visits that I'm starting to notice, and that we both want to change. I'm really looking forward to seeing the change in this area and myself over the next few weeks.

Love you both.

Ældste Pitcher