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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hey, I need y'all to send me some drum scores!!  I don't know if Pres. Sederholm would allow it, but I'll ask him this week about getting something together with Elder Gudmundson for a zone talent show coming up, so I'd like to at least be practicing if the opportunity presents itself :) 

I haven't done the wreath class yet... If I do it will probably be in the future though so I'll let you know :)  I'm so happy to hear about everything in the family and back home.  I know that my family is being blessed because of my missionary service. I just wish I was there to partake of it a little bit! ;)  Aunt Val is in my prayers, and I'm really glad to hear that you have that opportunity to go with her for the first time.  Elder Lester and I got to go to the temple this week as well, since we took an 'essentials p-day' and went down to Copenhagen on Friday. 
Silver Boy at Helsingor Harbor

I didn't get pictures though. I know you probably want to beat some sense into me, but in my defense my camera was broken, and the thought didn't occur until later anyway.  So sorry again.  I'll repent and be better one of these times :P 

Here's kind of how my week went:

This was a wonderful week in Helsingør for teaching.  We know we still have a lot to improve on, but we are really working hard, and we've been seeing success, and progression in those whom we teach.  ‘V’ was in church this week, and even talked a little about her own new found faith in Christ in guest class!  ‘R’ has completely stopped drinking and even agreed to a date when he would come to church for the first time in a very long time. 

We also just recently started teaching another man named ‘O’.  He's a Jehovah's Witness, but surprisingly open to hear about our church.  We have met with him twice now, and he has already started talking with his family about the Book of Mormon, and was upset when he told us he gave away his only copy for his sister to read!  We have plenty of Romanian Books now, and he says to bring everything we can for himself, and for the family members he would like to share with.  The lessons with him right now are a little all over the place, but we've seen improvement in the concepts he is grasping. 

Elder Lester and I also were able to attend the temple this week on Friday.  It was an uplifting experience, and something that I feel both Elder Lester and I really needed. 

Afterward we went by the office to pick up our Romanian books, and pamphlets and I could tell that there was something up.  I greeted all of the office missionaries, and talked a little bit about how I missed being in Copenhagen so I could see them all more often. 

Before we left we asked if there was anything we could do for them before we headed out to get some lunch on the way home.  Sister Hamblin looked at Sister Swena, then at us, and asked if we would be willing to give Sister Swena a blessing. 
Beautiful Helsingor

I'm not sure if you've heard about this yet or not, but it was a comforting experience.  After gathering in an office we said a prayer and gave sister Swena an anointing and blessing.  She could probably better tell you how the experience was, but what struck me the most was what Sister Swena said to us on our way out.  She said "thank you both for being worthy of your priesthood, I could feel it through the blessing."  

That hit me right between the eyes.  I always knew it was important to be worthy to properly administer to others, but for them to be able to RECOGNIZE any kind of difference made me realize that I always want to live worthy of that privilege.  Needless to say, I had a good week, and I'm still loving it here. 

‘V’ just came and surprised us at the library.  She said that she sent mom a friend request on facebook, so go check for that, she wants to send you some pictures :)  It might be good to just drop her a note as well to say thanks for taking care of us. 

We are with the ‘D’ family a lot, and they really do take care of us. 

Love you both!

Ældste Pitcher