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Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hey Mom,

I promise I didn't forget your birthday, I figured I'd just save the B day greetings for the P day that was closest.  Looking back now though, I should've done it last chance I had to email.  Hope you don't mind.  Happy Birthday!!  :)  I'm glad you enjoyed the tag.  I was going to put a note with it, but it was really rushed/ I didn't think of that until Breanna (that's weird to say) told me to at zone training and didn't have time to ;)  I'm glad you got to meet some of the missionaries.  They are a good feel for just the caliber of missionaries that this mission produces.  They are all fantastic, and especially those you sent pictures of :)  

Go ahead and just buy the camera and ship it to my address.  It's:     Belvedervej 52. 2, 32
                                                                                                             3000 Helsingør DK

Let me know if there are any other problems you have with it, and maybe I can just find one here.  I just feel like I'm always way too busy to look around for anything like that so this way seems easier, but let me know.  

Here's how my week went... It's been a pretty exciting week here in this part of the country.  Last Monday Elder Lester and I went to our investigator 'V's house so that I could get my hair cut.  It was the first time I got the experience of teaching as someone else cut my hair.  It was a great lesson and she accepted the challenge to pray for an answer if Jesus really is the Christ (since after using the baptismal questions we realized we needed to start right from the beginning).

Fast forward to splits on Thursday and she got her answer, she knows Christ is her Savior.  I was ecstatic, and what was more, Elder Bradshaw and I had an incredible experience of our own happen the same day.  

While out knocking in Frederiksværk we knocked into a man that showed a lot of interest in the church.  He said he was busy at the moment, but told us he would really like us to come back, so we exchanged information and left to knock the next door.  After knocking the next door though Elder Bradshaw got a call.  It was 'F', the man we had just exchanged information with, and he wanted us to come back. 

Elder Bradshaw and I started to get anxious... We weren't sure what to make of this man telling us to come back.  When we got to the door he invited us into his house and had us make ourselves at home.  He went on to tell us that after we left he sat down alone in his house and felt suddenly awful telling us to come back later when he had time right then.  He felt prompted to call us back.  He added that he knew we were servants of Jesus Christ, and that he had a desire to come back to Christ, being religious himself, and knowing that the Savior had helped him through so many of his life struggles. 

I felt the prompting to tell him exactly what he needed to do to follow the Savior, and extended him the invitation to be baptized.  He said 'one day' and then started off into another topic.  We were running late to another appointment, but he said we could stop by at any time, and that he was willing to meet again. 

It was an incredible lesson, and experience for both Elder Bradshaw and myself.  Things like this always happen on splits. 

'V' also asked me to make a wreath for her out of branches from her front yard.  It actually turned out quite nice... And that's just the trouble ... Elder Lester is now showing everyone he possibly can and bragging about the stupid thing.  'A' (a Norwegian women in our ward) is even talking about setting something up with the relief society so that I can hold a class on it...  not that I'm not flattered, but.... Hopefully everyone just forgets the whole thing ;)  

I also found out that the girl that gave me her phone number at Matt Boulton's wedding reception is Elder Lester's ex-girlfriend's sister.. Ha!  It was a funny little connection.  I've had a pretty great week.

You are all in my prayers, I love you all so much!
Ældste Pitcher