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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Wow, what a week. We just got transfer calls, and I'm staying with Elder Lester!! I must say I feel like it's exactly what I needed personally from this upcoming transfer. There are a few things to come in the next few weeks that I honestly feel like only Elder Lester can do. I'm really looking forward to spending another transfer with him, and to having one of my absolute favorite missionaries, Elder Enniss, as my new district leader. He's a true friend to me, and I've already learned so much from him. This is going to be a great transfer.

There were some great appointments this week, also some sad ones, but we feel good about the outcome as a whole. ‘S’, a recently reactivated member of our ward is still working hard towards his temple goal with his wife, and hasn't smoked at all this week! Elder Wawro and I, during splits on Tuesday evening, got the chance to teach ‘S' daughter ‘N’ for the first time. It went really well, and ‘S’ told us today she would like to come to church sometime with him. We just need to find a Sunday when she won't be with her mom.

Elder Lester and I have also been working a lot on our finding techniques, and have increased our courage putting faith in Christ to find. It's been great to see how many more people have been open to talking with us, even if we didn't reach our goal for new investigators this week. I'm still loving it here in Helsingør, and I had a good week. 

Some other fun stuff. When I was on splits with Elder Wawro (Zone leader)  we had a cat come into our apartment from the roof top, so we got some pictures with it ;)  That was fun.  Elder Lester and I cut down a Christmas tree, I'll try and get some pics sent by next week ;)  ‘V’ also made us some handmade stockings with her nicknames for us on there, and a Christmas countdown calendar which is huge here, with tons of gifts.  I love that family. 

I found a bicycle that I'm fixing up, and thinking about selling my old one since I've had so many problems with the small tires and them going flat :P  It's great for city life, but not a good everyday-missionary-use-back-trails kind of bike.  We'll see. 

We had the turkey bowl this week for our zone activity, and it was such a blast.  Playing football with these missionaries is honestly one of my favorite memories of zone things, and this one just added to it. 

The talents that were shared were also awesome.  A few REALLY funny skits that should be posted up on the mission blog.  One of Elder Warwo (the missionary I was on splits with) doing a 'polish-mexican folk dance' and also one of Elder Jewkes and Elder Wright and Elder Hafen, and Elder Wright's trainee Elder Carroll all doing a sing/dance along to an efy song.  My face hurt so much from laughing. 

I was trying to prepare a skit, but we ran out of time, and were a little busy.  Still a lot of fun though.  My face hurt so much from laughing :) 

We had stake conference just recently, and I got to see the Jepsens, and Amy Wood!  It was awesome to see some old friends from the Frederiksberg ward, and especially to see a friend from back home, and to speak Danish with her.... That was weird haha!

We had to take off early from the zone activity to get to our appointments, so Elder Warwo and I were not in the pictures :(  I was way bummed about that. 
‘V’ had some really tough family struggles come up the past few days, and she's pushed back her stop smoking day until there is a little bit more peace at home... It's tough, but I understand where she is coming from. 
President said it’s fine that I practice, but it isn't practical to carry a drum around with me (obviously) so I just need to be ready if the opportunity presents itself, then I can let him know and we can try and set something up with Elder Gudmundson and I.  It's not super likely, but I'd like to be ready in any case :) 
There has been a real focus in our mission on finding people to teach.  I've been trying to enhance a few certain talents more and more.  Some like the crafts and knitting things, but also using my personality more to reach people just like Dad talked about.  I actually set a new years goal this last year of enhancing/making new talents, and it's really helped in my missionary work.  I felt like it was a bit of personal inspiration. 
Please keep the ‘D’ Family in your prayers.  They have been going through some rough stuff over the past few days, and they need the extra prayers.
I love you both!
Ældste Pitcher