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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hej Mor og Far!  :)

I did get my camera.  It's great, I'll be sending pics from it in just a minute. 

Good to hear that you've gotten in touch with the Lester family.  I've heard so many great family stories, and they seem like wonderful people. 

It's funny you mentioned the bible dictionary's definition on prayer ma, that's something Pres. Sederholm talked about not too long ago in a training, and something that I felt really hit me.  Repitition breeds importance I guess :) 

It's great to hear about all of the support with Corbin's surgery.  He's pulling through like such a champ :) 

I love the idea of sending some stuff home for Christmas.  I also like the idea of having some extra money to buy things for Christmas.  To be honest, I've turned into a bit of a shopper, so some money to buy a nice Danish sweater, and maybe some new slacks would be awesome :)  The trends here are great.  As far as other stuff just from home goes ... I think I'm doing pretty good with everything.  I'll get back to you on that. 

It's great to hear how the hockey is going!  I also got to hear from Nick Fornelius just today, and I must say, I'm missing it a lot.  Tough to be in a Scandinavian country in the winter where it seems so natural to be out on the ice, and not be able to go.  Maybe we can get some kind of district activity here going.  Elder Enniss, my good friend from the MTC is actually the district leader here now!  It's going to be a great transfer. 

Here's a little from my week.

Looking back, I feel good about this my first transfer in Helsingør. Ældste Lester showed me some of his previous planners with all of the key indicators tallied up, and I've decided from that alone we've made a contribution to this area. It's also presented some things for us to work on, and I'm looking forward to one more go of it while Elder Lester is still here.

This week we had an awesome experience with ‘V’. At the beginning of the week she was having a rough time and asked us to come by to give another comforting blessing.  ...

NOTE:  I have decided to summarize what followed in Teagan’s email by saying that ‘V’ had a very personal spiritual confirmation of the truthfulness of the things she was taught.  I feel that the details are too personal to be posted on a public blog without her consent. Suffice it to say that it was a wonderful missionary experience.

This is such an exciting time to be in Helsingør!

We also had another fun experience when trying to meet with a less active that we've had a REALLY hard time getting an appointment with. Turned out though that the member we had was confused with the time we gave him over the phone and wasn't going to be able to meet, so we were going to have to cancel. Not if I had anything to say about it though! I started talking with every man that was on the street, trying to get them to help us out for just 10 minutes so we could at least hold some kind of meeting with this woman. The third man finally said yes! The fun part though was that he only spoke English since he was from Romania :P

We went ahead and met with the woman, and could tell that the man was getting increasingly uncomfortable as time went on. He finally got up and told us he had to leave to catch a train. So we ended with a prayer and left.

To us though, it was a success, and an opportunity to meet, and make another appointment with this woman that had been so difficult to get a hold of. She was pretty impressed with our diligence as well, so we felt good about it in the end even if the meeting wasn't very long.

Going back to the experience with ‘V’ though.  I had a moment earlier this week when it all just kind of clicked with the nickname the Dalberg's have given me.  They give all of their missionaries nicknames, and one night when ‘L’ saw me come into the room he 'switched' up my name to 'Switcher' instead of Pitcher, and the name stuck, as I'm sure ‘V’ told you. 

My nickname started to make more sense though after this week. Missionaries have been going there for quite a while now, and from what Elder Lester was saying, there hasn't been a lot of progression in her desire to learn up to this point.  In the Gospel we are always changing, always repenting and getting better, 'switching' old behaviors to new ones.  The nickname is one of the sweetest I have, and one that I'll never forget.  I'm happy every day when I remember that I get to be this family's 'Switcher'.  I'm loving it here.

Have a great week!
Ældste Pitcher