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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hey Ma and Pa!
We had a few amazing experiences this week.  I've never given so many blessings in a transfer.  It's incredible to see the amount of good a priesthood blessing can do, and it's strengthened my faith immensely in the power of the priesthood. 
Early this week our friend ‘V’ had been stressing out a lot with some family problems, a son dealing with depression, and preparing a daughter for a big trip coming up.  We offered a blessing and though only knowing a little bit about priesthood blessings, she accepted without hesitation. 
At the appointment Elder Lester offered a comforting blessing, and ‘L’, her husband, though an atheist, even agreed to stay in the room.  When the blessing was finished everyone sat very still for a minute, and I could tell that something struck a chord. 
Later she texted us and said she had felt like it was a 'huge hug' and that she was going to quit smoking!  She set Sunday as her final day for smoking (yesterday) and asked if we would give another blessing to get things off on the right foot. 
After the blessing yesterday though something else happened that was just like what happened with Sis. ‘S's blessing.  ‘V’ had me come over and just put one hand on top of her daughter's head.  I felt a rush of comfort coming from the connection, and right then ‘V’ asked 'can you feel that?'  to her daughter, and rather than asking what she meant, she replied 'what is that?'  ‘V’ said she could feel the 'energy' coming from me today, and explained that to her daughter as well. 
The beautiful fall forests
The 'energy' they could feel was the priesthood, and had nothing to do with what I was doing, it was just incredible to see that they could recognize it even just through the placing of the hands on the head. 
There are still obviously some things that still need to be explained, and steps that need to be taken, but I feel like this family is just on the edge of great things.  I'm so lucky to be here at this time. 
Some other fun things that happened: Elder Lester and I found a free, brand new stationary bike out on someone's front yard.  It was so nice I made sure to double check with the lady that it was ok for us to take.  It's a great work out, and now allows one of us to do cardio while the other one can do other exercises all in one convenient location!  :) 
I also picked up knitting from ‘V’ this week, and she's got me knitting a scarf :)  I get lots of weird looks on the trains, but it's already sparked some casual conversation since it's so weird to see a teen boy knitting, so I've got a great new contacting strategy ;) 
‘R’ is doing awesome!  Still off alcohol, and working towards the first Sunday in December to come to church. ‘O’ is still being taught, was supposed to take us to church this week but bailed, we're also teaching his wife now. ‘S’ is also going to get married here, and then we'll have just one more hurdle before he can set a baptismal date that he's so excited for.  Still having a lot of fun here!
I've been telling everyone today in my emails about how crazy it is that everyone will continue to grow even until the time when I get back.  It's great to see the progression, it's just weird to think I won't be coming home to the same old family.  Then again, I've grown with you, so the change can't be too bad, and it's mostly exciting. 
Change is something that I feel like I've actually really come to love since being on my mission.  If things aren't constantly changing, then there is never an opportunity for improvement, and that's what God's plan is all about. 
I asked President today about the drum, we'll have to just wait and see. I'll be sure to keep sending pics.  I love y'all.

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