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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hey Ma and Pa!!

Here's the week.

To start off the week, I figured I might talk a little bit more about the 'He is the Gift' initiative.  It's been going great in our area, and it's been very easy to talk with more and more people about Christmas, and its true meaning. 

During splits this week, Elder Enniss and I contacted one woman on the street, and by simply asking her what Christmas meant to her, we were able to set an atmosphere where we could bear testimony of Christ.  She gave us her number, and we'll be looking forward to setting up a time to meet with her hopefully today, or in the coming days.  This tool really does work, and I've already seen how many hearts it has softened.  It's actually been a surprise to me to see just how many people DON'T care to talk about Christmas.  I'm so used to getting such a positive response from people, it is shocking when people aren't even willing to look up the website.

Things with ‘V’ continue to progress and go forward.  Now and again she'll have her doubts, mostly because she feels like things are just going so quickly now as opposed to before, and she doesn't feel like she can always answer all of her family's questions, but she's always clung to the testimony she has, and knows that this is the right path.  She's excited, we're excited.  She should be down to zero nicotine by next week, so keep her in your prayers! 

‘Vi’ has been coming to church regularly as well, and even had a part in a quartet in choir yesterday in church.  She has her own growing testimony, and we are continuing to teach her as well as ‘V’.  We're all looking forward to Christmas time, and I don't feel at all away from home during the Christmas season in Denmark.  I look forward to miracles that come at this time of year with the work, just as I witnessed last year during this special time.
I just remembered this last bit from when you were talking about the experience I had with my district last year caroling in the hospital during Christmas.  There is a man in our ward who has just found out that he has cancer.  We visit every now and again, and decided this last time to sing some carols for him and his wife.  After having a wonderful experience with them, we went ahead like we did last year and sang to all the different faculties in the hospital.  It was an awesome spirit that travelled with us, and we were able to talk with a lot of people about the true meaning of Christmas.  I love this time of year :)

I also forgot to mention, but Elder Lester and I were able to do four little acts of kindness the other morning that I wanted to talk about. 

On the way to Allerød to pick something up from the church, Elder Lester moved a pallet of bricks to the side to help a woman get her stroller off the bus.  Then, when we were about to hop on a train an old woman asked us to help her get her wheel that had fallen off of her little carry bag out from in between the train and the platform.... (about a 6 inch gap to work with, and it was about 2 and a half feet down).   Then I thought about it for a second, and quickly whipped my belt off.  After a minute of fishing, and to everyone's (especially my own) surprise, I looped the metal part through one of the spokes and was able to pull the wheel out.   You'd have thought that I just saved this woman's cat from being run over by the way she was going off about how amazing I was haha.  She started introducing me to people on the train as if I was a super hero.  It actually turned into a great conversation, and I was able to share the 'he is the gift' video with her. 

We later helped some people from Syria find their way to get to Copenhagen, and also helped one man in an automatic wheelchair get off a train when his front wheels got stuck trying to cross the gap onto the platform.  It was a pretty awesome day :) 

Anyway, that's pretty much it.  I love you both, and hope you have a good one.
Ældste Pitcher