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Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hey Ma and Pa

We will indeed be skyping from ‘D’s. Likely around the same time as last year. I'll be sure to coordinate, and of course ‘V’ can always just find you on Facebook :)  

ON to this week :)  We needed to find a few new people this week and we did. It's been tough over the last little bit here with finding. We've been talking with more and more people and learning how to come out of our comfort zones with the focus on finding since it's been the focus mission wide, and we found two new investigators to start working with this week.

I'm most excited about a girl we met named ‘L’. Elder Lester and I were going to an appointment Thursday evening clear out in Tikøb, a little city out in the middle of nowhere to have Thanksgiving with a friend of ours. He burned our appointment. We were a little upset, especially since it was supposed to be our Thanksgiving meal with him, but we decided we'd just hop back on an earlier bus and try to see if we could talk with anyone on the way home.

I sat next to ‘L’ in the back of the bus and started a casual conversation. After a while we started talking about why I was here, and about the church, and eventually her questions led to a full blown lesson. We ended up getting off at the last stop with her, and she told us she hadn't really had a plan of where she was going to go that evening, she just felt like taking a trip on the bus. It's moments like those that always make me feel the best. 

We'll actually be meeting with ‘L’ later today, so hopefully things go well :)  

Everything continues to go well with the ‘D’s, and we're working so hard to make sure that ‘V’ keeps progressing the way that she has been.  ‘Vi’ also got back from Thailand this week, and we've started teaching her.  So innocent and humble.  It's awesome to be with this family.
Ældste Beary

I miss you both huge bundles.  I'm grateful for everything that you guys have given me, and I just remembered after saying that that I forgot my 10 things... sorry. I'll have to try and do some make up work, but I am thankful for the plan that God has for all of us. 

Recently I've really started to focus on the plan God has for us while we are on the earth.  After feeling pretty low in the middle of this last week, I kneeled down to pray to ask for forgiveness, and help to be able to bear some of the burdens I've had recently.  A scripture from my personal study came to my mind, and I recognized something interesting when comparing it to another scripture we had considered sharing we someone earlier this week. 

The first one is in Matthew 11 when Christ invites us all to come unto him and he will make our burdens light AS we take upon ourselves his yoke.  Right then a huge burden hit me like a pile of bricks.  I sat there for a second thinking, 'man, I thought coming to Christ meant the burden would get lighter' but then I remembered a good lesson one of my missionary friends Elder Beers wrote to me about a man who was asked by Christ to move a boulder.  The man and Christ worked together for a little bit to move the giant rock, and then Christ left him for a time on his own to push the rock.  After years of pushing the rock alone Christ came back to the man to see that he had nearly given up.  The man asked Christ why he left him to be alone, and why he couldn't have come to help him.  Christ then told the man to stop and look at himself.  The man realized he had become big and muscular, and strong.  Christ told him again to move the rock, and finally it moved.  The burden is meant to keep us going.  Just like in Elder Bednar's talk from a while back.  Don't remember what it's called.

Anyway, Love y'all have a great week.
Ældste Pitcher