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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Great pre game talk pa :) 

I was looking at some of the pictures of me playing, and ‘L’ told me that he had seen my Eagle Scout video when I was laying some hits on some kids and how awesome he thought it was, and I started to really miss hockey.  I hope I'm in at least some kind of shape when I get back.  I'll hop over to mom's email now, and send you back something about my week.

Hey Ma and Pa :)

Just to answer your question ma, the couple ‘B’ and ‘M’ got sick, and so we're planning on rescheduling for this week, so I'll let you know. 

This week has been a blur. It went by so fast with so many exciting things happening. Our investigator ‘S’ has really been struggling over the last few weeks, but we were able to have a really spiritual lesson with him, then prayed about, and set a baptismal date further in advance so that there is a goal in mind that we are all working towards. After the appointment he had a new hope, and I could tell that he was happier.

July 11th 2015 is the date that we are working on now. The plan is to look at everything that stands in the way, and everything that needs to be addressed before that date, and then work backwards to see what the steps are, and then work as a team from today on to make those steps. I have a lot of faith in ‘S’, and I hope he acts on his faith with this plan as well.

'I love this family'
Now we have ‘J’ who WAS baptized this week, and she is doing awesome!

I felt the spirit very strongly as we stood in a circle, all the missionaries who have taught her, and myself, as I performed the confirmation.  Definitely the greatest experience of my mission, and words can't describe how awesome it was. 

The baptismal service was so great, and the entire family kept thanking us for a wonderful experience. I could tell that ‘V’ was especially touched, and last night we had a really good opportunity to talk with her about the God head, and who they are, and answer some of her questions. She wants to follow her Mom, but not blindly, which is good.

I think she just has to have a deeper desire to know right now. She is happy for her mother though, and ‘J’ REALLY wants ‘V’ to find out for herself, so it's still looking up. It's been a long week, we've all been exhausted, but it's been a great week. ‘J’ even talked about going to help the Hillerød Elders teach their investigator (who was also at the baptism)!

I love this family, I love Helsingør.

I'm happy to hear that everything is just sailing on back home.  I miss hockey a lot, I miss family a lot, but I still get irritated whenever someone tells me how long I have left or say that I'm an 'old missionary' in the mission. 

We got some water from the ocean where 'J' wanted
to be baptized, and put it in with the rest of the water
I guess Dad's prophecy from the farewell is starting to really come true, and I indeed have shed a lot of tears thinking about the people here that I will eventually have to leave.  Everything about this experience has been incredible, and I'm really glad I still have the time left that I do have. 

Still counting up, not down :)  Love you both, have an awesome week.  Pictures to follow...

Ældste Pitcher

NOTE from Dad:  I thought that this gesture of adding ocean water to the baptismal font was one of the most thoughtful things I've seen.  'J' wanted to be baptized in the ocean, but since there was a font nearby it is the Church policy to use the baptismal font.  I thought adding the ocean water was a great way to make this special day even more memorable for her.