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Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hey Ma and Pa

First and foremost, YES, I can go back to the baptism... I just have to pay for it myself.  [NOTE: this is regarding ‘V’s baptism in Helsingor]  President always likes missionaries being there, so that shouldn't be a problem even if it's a long way.  It's a plus also because I'm with Elder Lawless, so I won't have to pay my companion's way also.. I'll try and figure out the tickets later.  It'll be pricey, so we'll just have to see.

Next, my new address is:
Ringgade 161 st
6400 Sønderborg DK    
Here's the week.

The Elders and I here in Sønderborg had a really nice week this week.  The appointments seemed to fill up pretty well, and we finally got around to some people I had never met before, and were able to actually get in and teach.

The appoinment with ‘E’ went really well, and we actually set up an activity with her, and ‘R’, our member friend in the area to go bowling with them today.  Apparently they know each other beforehand, and ‘R is already helping with fellowshipping her.

The member missionary effort in this branch is awesome.  Along with this experience, there was also another really awesome member of our branch named ‘M’ who gave us a referral to a man in Slagelse.  After getting the info to the Elders, who then in turn got a hold of the man the next day, and got him a Book of Mormon (Elder Madsen and Elder Wright are the best) he'd been asking for, the man texted ‘M’ to let him know how much it meant to him.  ‘M’ graciously called us on Sunday to again thank us for our urgency to help out his friend looking for truth.

Earlier this week we also had splits with the Zone Leaders.  I love the leadership in the mission, and it was a great learning opportunity for me to have Elder Madsen and Elder Eisert with us for District meeting as well.

We also had a really awesome experience with two English classes this week.  Elder Lawless had gotten in contact with a woman a while back about possibly coming in to help teach an English class.  We had the opportunity first on Thursday and then on Friday, and it was definitely an effective use of our time.

The classes had hundreds of questions about the church and who we are, and our purpose as missionaries, it gave us a really good atmosphere to talk about the church to a larger group of people.

We gave out many books, and made a lot of friends.  The second class actually cleaned us out of books!  We are looking forward to the potentials that come from this, and have talked with the teacher about coming again in the future.

We have also found a few new friends.  We have taught them lessons, and invited some people to baptism, we just have to make some follow up appointments, and there will be some new investigators.

There is a lot going for us right now down here.  I even cut Elder Lawless' hair this week!  :)

Otherwise, I hope you got a lot out of my pictures this week.  There were a lot.  I'll be sure to get more this week.  Love you both!

Ældste Pitcher