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Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey Ma!!

I am still need to get around to pictures, and the weekly update this week took a pretty long time.  Things have been really busy lately, but that's good right?  :)  Here's the weekly update:

The Elders and I had a really great week for teaching. We taught two new potentials this week, and have been finding a lot more people at home recently which is awesome.

We set as a district goal this week to find two new investigators, and use that to pump up the members in our areas to get some great member missionary work going, and for us at least it's really helped.

We talked with the recent convert ‘A’, and talked with him about a few new friends we had made, and what he thought we, or they (he and ‘MA’) could be doing better to help ‘MA’ come to a sure answer on baptism. He talked about improving on their family reading, especially because it's so hard when they are hardly ever home at the same time, but without making more excuses, promised they'd be better at it. They are on their way I think.

We also had two great appointments with our member friend ‘R’ in the area. She has been a great missionary over the last week! She told us to stop by her mom to set up a time where we could all meet, and got to know her a bit better. Her mother (whose name is also ‘R’) has previously investigated the church, but had been a little apprehensive to learn more after ‘R’ got baptized.

The next day we had an awesome lesson with the both of them, and they agreed to our commitment to read together from the scriptures each day over the next week. ‘R’ has a very strong faith in God, and Christ, and I think that coupled with her daughter's strong testimony will provide an excellent environment for the spirit to come in.

‘R’ also set up a teaching appointment with her brother's girlfriend who recently had questions about the church. ‘E’ is her name, and we were able to cover a lot of ground, and invited her to church and to read from the Book of Mormon. ‘R’ was able to bear testimony of everything that we talked about, and the spirit was really strong.

Like I said, it's been a great week for teaching.

Along with that, I can't forget to add that we got into the local newspaper!!! It's actually been a very good opportunity for us to let people know WHO we are. We had several of our investigators text us excited to see us on the front page, and despite a few misquotes, the article itself was actually done quite well. We have even had a few times contacting on the street this last week where people have recognized us from the paper, allowing us to talk with them for a few minutes about the church.  What was kind of lame though (also kind of funny in an ironic sense) was that they put our article just above a lingerie ad. Ha!  Oh Denmark! 

This Saturday we went on exchanges with the Esbjerg Elders in Esbjerg. They seem to be doing pretty well despite being sick off and on for the last two weeks.

Elder Gudnason and I were able to teach a less active named ‘C’ who is actually a good friend of mine, only knowing him previously from Christmas time when he came to visit his parents Annalise and Steffen in Helsingør.

He's struggling still with a few things, but the Elders have a good plan with him to help him overcome smoking before his girlfriend is baptized this week.

The other Elders also had a really good split for finding which was really good for the area.  It was also a really good chance for me to get to connect with my district because we had an organized soccer activity and the sisters were along, and then in the evening, the man that was supposed to have us over had a really bad asthma attack, couldn't host anyone that evening, making it so that we had to just go pick up the food he'd prepared, and have a nice district dinner in the church. 

The rooms weren't big enough, so we had a luxurious hallway dinner, and we even had the newest sister share a message to make it feel like a real dinner appointment :) 

The Sisters in my district also both asked for a blessing, and I had the honor of being the mouth piece for both Sister Rovig and Sister Mandla’s blessings.  That was a neat experience.  I have the best district no doubt. 

This is going long, but last, I also got to catch up with Elder Pike on Sunday because it was stake conference on Jylland.  I didn't get a pic because my camera died, but I'll be seeing him again on Wednesday for Zone training.  It was awesome to hear him speak with people around him like Danish was no big thing.  He's continued to progress, and it made me really proud :)

An awesome week here in Sønderborg.  Much Love!!
Ældste Pitcher