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Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey Ma and Pa!

I got a new Elder today, and Elder Lawless went to Frederiksberg, so we're only two now.  He's actually Elder Ogden's trainee, from the same time I was training Elder Pike.  His name is Elder Higby, and he's a go getter.  I'm really looking forward to this upcoming transfer.  We are going to have a lot of fun. 

There is a new Sister missionary in our District from Denmark, Sister Mølholt.  She doesn't speak much English, which should make district meeting a new experience, but I'm looking forward to it.  I still love everyone in my district, and I think we are going to have a great time.  

My week!  This week has been another great one in Sønderborg. The most exciting thing I'd have to say is the opportunity we had to hold that interview with the two journalist students this week. They seem really excited about the whole project, and if all goes well, it will be a really good resource for the church to be able to get some publicity in a positive way. 

We actually are going to be holding a media training to prepare us for the interviews, and how to respond to potentially controversial topics and things like that, just so that we are getting the correct information out about the church. 

We also got to see Meet the Mormons at our Zone Conference this week.  Kind of a random thought, but it was awesome to see the kind of media the church is using to get our name out there.  

The week seemed so short because of how busy we were. I felt like we were constantly running from one thing to the other even if it wasn't always for an appointment. I wish we actually would have had a better opportunity to meet with some of our investigators this week, but what we lacked there, we made up for in visits to some of our wonderful member families here.

One specific visit was to a single mother's home with her 3 daughters.  She is from Germany, her name is ‘S’, and her daughters are all lots of fun.  We went over to help chop some wood (very typical Danish service project) and also to set up an electric fence for some of their ponies. They are an awesome family. 

I've made it a personal goal to meet with all of the active members outside of church this upcoming transfer. It's something that I feel like I could be better at making an effort toward, and especially with the need of some extra hands now that we are no longer three, the branch is the best fit to help us out.

I'm very excited to be getting Elder Higby. He brings a lot of energy and motivation to the table, and I feel like this companionship is already making out to be a great fit.  

I'm so happy to see and hear about how everything is going back home.  It seems like all of my family and friends are growing up so fast, and everyone is maturing and it's awesome to see.  I wish I could be a bigger part of it right now, but I couldn't be happier than where I am right now.  Things just keep cruising by.  I love this mission.

Other updates. Here's the portion of the 6 month letter for mom and dad... 

“Dear Parents,
If you will be traveling to Denmark to meet your missionary upon his release from the Mission, the following information is important for you to understand regarding the new church travel policy, as you make your travel arrangements.

Church missionary Travel policy requires parents to pay for their missionary's return travel home when they are going to pick up their missionary.  You will be reimbursed in the amount the church would pay from the missionfield to your missionary's home destination.  If you need to know the amount of this reimbursement, please email *, at Missionary Travel, for this information.  Please do not call Missionary Travel for this information.  

Please include in your email to Kristen Nielsen, a copy of your missionary's return travel itinerary once it is purchased and include the amount paid; a current mailing address and to whom the reimbursement check should be sent.  A copy of your missionary's travel itinerary should also be sent to *.  This will help us in preparing for your missionary's departure from the mission field.”

My release date is September *.

Other important info, I'm working on the little BYU quiz thing.  It's just been really hard because we've been busy and I haven't been good about making time for it.  It's being worked on, I promise.  

I love you both, I hope you all have an awesome week!
Ældste Pitcher