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Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hey Ma and Pa!!

So I'll be finding out about transfers this week... Crazy!  After this I'm down to three transfers left, and things keep speeding up week after week.

Thank you so much for the Birthday package!  It had takis ... so basically everything I need to hold me over for the next few months ;)  I've learned over the course of my mission though that there is a direct correlation of the amount of Heart burn that I get in relation to how much of my takis I share ... I've gotten progressively better at sharing ;) 

I'm really stoked for the Flames.  You'll have to let me know how Things turn out, and of course I'll be sure to keep everyone in my prayers.

So we had a disappointment this week with ‘M’.  We kept trying to get in contact with him and when it came right down to it, he cancelled. That was kind of a letdown, but I still feel like it was a really good day in church. 

The members were all excited because callings were changing, and we even got a new branch mission leader.  ‘C’, the man WHO was recently reactivated was called this last week after ‘T’, our previous mission leader, was released. 

We had a really good appointment with the ‘S's last night as well.  We again invited ‘MA’ to baptism, and this time they showed some signs of pressure. 

They both seem to think that at some point in the future ‘MA’ will be baptized, but right now they aren't showing any urgency to get there.  They kindly asked us to back off just a little bit, because for the last few times that has been the focus of the lessons, and they feel like it can sometimes be too much. 

The lesson this time was on the restoration of the priesthood keys, and what that means with regards to the eternal family, and they both seemed to like it quite a bit.  We're trying to make things work with them, and promising blessings and extending invitations, but like I said, I think the urgency just isn't there. 

We also were able to get in with ‘R’, ‘Rb's mom this week and teach her when Elder Amos was on splits with me.  I was pretty straight forward and asked why she wasn't a member.  I feel comfortable enough in our relationship to be able to do that, and she actually was able to name off a few things that we're working on answering now, so it was a very effective visit I think. 

We have been finding a lot more this week, and the friends we've found for the most part seem to be pretty open to talking about the church. 

It should be a really good week coming up here.  The district is holding up pretty well.  It seems like things are always kind of up and down in Esbjerg.  Their friend who was preparing for baptism broke up with his member girlfriend, and it sounds like he hasn't showed much interest since, and the Ward and the missionaries are having a hard time connecting.  Problems seem to be going away, but I still feel like they are struggling from time to time. 

Overall though, the missionaries have a good attitude and they are hard workers so I'm not too worried. 

The rest of the week has been great. 

Elder Higby and myself went up to the temple this weekend, and had a really good experience with all of the recent converts from Fredericia.  I especially liked the car ride home where I got to talk with a very sweet old member named ‘J’ who drove us on the way back.  To make it short, I love hearing people's conversion stories.

I'll get around to sending photos now, but I wanted you to know that I love you, and that I'm still loving it here in Sønderborg. 

Pray that IF I go somewhere else that I'll travel in safety, and I'll be sure to let you know where I end up.  With only three transfers left I feel like it could be anywhere. 

I Love You!
Ældste Pitcher