Elder Teagan J. Pitcher ... Serving in the Copenhagen Denmark Mission
Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hej Mor og Far :)

This has been a great week!  I am in really good spirits. 

I got to go to København to work with the people I started working with at the beginning of my time in Denmark, I got Elder Jeppson as a new trainee, (very excited about the missionary work, and very willing to work) and we taught, and found, and even made a baptismal date!  It was a very effective week.  We taught more total lessons than we normally do, and we were only in our area for half of the week. 
Elder Pitcher with his new trainee on his left (Elder Jeppson), his former trainee on his right (Elder Pike), and his former trainee's trainee on his far right (Elder Gardener).

I've always felt like miracles come when new missionaries are in an area, and I know that it's no coincidence that Elder Jeppson's coming has resulted in such awesome progress with the work here in the last week. 

Our friend ‘V L’ will be baptized on the 29th of August.  He previously investigated the church, and after our first visit with him for the second go around, he said that he felt a change in his life, and that the little things that held him back before weren't there anymore.  He feels confident and excited and has come to church for the last two weeks, and has been meeting with us every other day or so. 

Everything continues to go well here in Odense.  I'm loving training and being a part of the happiest mission in the world :)

I have been working a lot on my 5 year plan, something President O'Bryant gave as an assignment, and trying to seriously consider how I want things to go.  It's difficult, but a good exercise, and I'm hoping by the end I can have a better handle on what I want to work on and become. 

In other fun news I broke my bike.  Not just like a bolt or the chain, but the metal crank shaft to the pedal snapped in half. What is this?!  Of all things to break first, the dense, metal shaft decided to go.  In the mean time until I get it fixed, I've been riding around a sweet bike from the 80's a member loaned me.

Also, while in Copenhagen emailing last week, I met a man in the library who asked me for some help.  I helped him out, and he was really nice back.  Not interested in the church, but we ended up having a nice long chat about why each of us where in Denmark (he's from Bulgaria)... Anyway, fast forward to last night and we are sitting on a park bench getting ready to call in our numbers we just tallied up for the week, and this man comes walking up to us again. It was kind of creepy at first, but he was still the same nice fellow. One of the three Nephites? possibly?? ;)  It was just crazy to see him again in two different cities, and in such an interesting format, in the evening time in an empty park... Weird.

I'm loving it here, I love you all!  
Ældste Pitcher