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Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Jeg har det Rigtig godt faktisk! tak! (I feel really good! Thankyou!)

New Address, Thomsensgade 25, 1 7800 Sciva Denmark, Europe, World, Universe... ;) name that movie. about a boy. just in case you forgot.

I would suggest only send letters to this address and send packages to the Mission office. I think it says that already, but it's just easier that way.

I went from the biggest city at the heart of the country to the smallest population way out in the middle of farm land and a small fishing town called Sciva. I love it here! My companion is awesome, the apartment is bigger between us two than the one that I had to share with three elders before, and the youngest person in our branch of 12 is over 50! haha!

The work is definitely a lot slower out here, but it is fun to be working here, and the area is gorgeous. Much more forest than I'm used to.

If you want me to do any specific family history work let me know. We just opened up a Family History Search Center in our church, and president actually called for us to start doing it weekly as we invite people out. So I'm going to be in there often to help people, but also to do it myself so that I can relate to others. We have already seen so much success from talking with people about this stuff. It's awesome, their hearts are immediately softened and everyone here hits an emotional note when you talk about families.

Monday, I saw just how many senior citizens there are here, and started keeping track of jazzies spotted in this tiny Little town.

Tuesday, I gave out my first Mormons Bog (Book of Mormon) in Scive, and a girl that looked like she was 25 said she would have to get her parents’ permission before she read it. I know sometimes girls here are mistaken for being younger since Scandinavians tend to be a bit fairer, but come on... haha.

I realized I'm on a peninsula ... wha? haha.

Wednesday, met a guy named ‘P’ from Great Britain, and talked about Family history and how he wants to get a kilt made with his family tartan. I told him I knew a guy and that if he bought the tartan and the shipping I might be able to get it made. Didn't make any promises because I don't know if Dad is too busy, and he kind of said it in passing, but we'll see, just fun to be able to relate with him on that basis. He also has a dog named 'Chipper' that he says like chippah! if you can imagine in a British accent. Too good ;)

Thursday, soo much rain! We also had an eating appointment with one of the most interesting families I've ever met. Two close to twenty year old daughters. The father is from Sri Lanka, is about 60, and is getting ready to go to Japan to earn his 12th Black belt. He's jacked. Just this ripped older man, and his Danish wife. They are all super funny, and just like to hear about religion. The daughters are actually more interested than the parents, but the parents just want their kids to know about religious importance. I think he is Hindu, and she is Christian.

Saturday, Met ‘M’. I already explained him in the photo. Just a way interesting life story. I think he wants to be a pirate... the painting is above my bed in our room ;)

Sunday. Sunday school was awesome with all of these seasoned members. :) I talked about marriage and I don't think I could have had a more funny first lesson in the branch. Here is just one of the many funny things I got to hear an innocent old lady say. I'm going to make you translate it ;) 'mænd skal ikke gifte sig med den der kvinde som han vil gerne gå i seng med, men med den der kvinde som han vil gerne stå op med' (men should not marry the woman he wants to go to bed with, but with the one woman he wants to stand up with) I almost laughed really loud. It was really bad haha.

They also made a list of things that people should do to prepare themselves for marriage. Spiritual preparation, economical preparation, be attractive... hahaha, they actually spent a good 15 minutes going off about the last one and how people need to be presentable at every occasion. It just was fun.

I love the members here. Not a very exciting Sunday, but definitely a fun one haha.

My comp. is Elder Taylor he comes from Las Vegas. He went to USU, and played rugby for his first time there and did really well from what it sounds like, and then he also plays the cello. Apparently his whole family is very musically talented.. All the girls and the father play violin, and all the boys play cello. We get along really well. We both like adventure time and puns, and we just have a lot of fun. I'm glad he is going to USU because he's definitely someone I want to keep contact with outside of the mission. He has been out for about 10 months I think and speaks very good Danish. This is his second area I believe and before he served in Aalborg the third biggest city, so we are both kind of big city boys on the mission serving in a small branch. way fun :) That's just a Little bit about Elder Taylor.

To answer Dad, they test us on the language because they want to make sure that the people here are actually going to learn the language and not just laze around and live off of their welfare. It's pretty much pointless though because nearly everyone passes no matter how good they are at Danish, and you only have to take it once.

Anyway, love you guys, and it's great to know how everyone is doing good there as well!

Elder Pitcher