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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello! I loved the emails for this last week.

I had just barely written down to ask you all if you had heard anything about my guy friends recently, and then low and behold they are all yoked, and still playing their parts in the world like such good little citizens. Hahaha, but really though, more weights in our apartment couldn't hurt ;) Just kidding, I'm actually in really good shape right now.

I'll be attaching a Picture of what I typically eat just so Mom can be reassured that I CAN take care of myself, and I've put on about ten pounds in muscle since being here. It's nice to have that time set aside every morning for that. Not much, but just enough.

Besides that I really was glad to hear about how everything is going back at home. That is really awesome that Joseph Gudmundson is coming to Denmark. Missionaries are needed! We have a lot going home in the next little bit, and not as many coming as going it doesn't look like sadly.

This week: skipping to Wednesday: Ældste Taylor's left half of his face started to puff up like a balloon so I got to have my first taste of what it is like in a Danish hospital. You have to call your doctor in if your problem isn't considered serious. That was a nice little wait in the waiting room there... All that he really needed was some antibiotics, and then we were out of there. Oh, Danish hospitals...

Yeah six months! haha

Thursday, went on splits with Elder Syverson from my MTC Group, the Elder that I met at Chilli’s just before going into the MTC. That was fun to get to serve finally with someone from the old gang.

One of my lines on familysearch says King Arthur of the round table on it.... hmmm. It is way far back there, but it is there haha. I think it is on Mom's side?? I was just trying to see how far back I could go, and that was the line.

Sunday, I gave a talk on temples that actually went really well. I felt very accomplished.

We gave out Easter bags to the members that Æ. Taylor's mom had sent, and they went around showing them off, super excited. They looked like old 5 year olds showing off their Christmas presents the day after. It was so funny. They were really grateful.

Such fun old people we have here.

Earlier in the week we went to one member's house named 'B'. She is one of my favorite members in Denmark. She is always so cheery, she reminds me of Grandma Pitcher, and she still is always out on her bicycle that she got in the 70s that she claims is the best bicycle in Viborg (where most of the members live), but she refuses to wear a helmet, because she 'watches out for herself well', and 'thinks that people look silly in helmets' haha.

She makes the best food too. Such a delicious roast. I about near threw up after because I just kept eating, not realizing how stuffed I was.

I also wanted to give you an update on Æ. FRANCIS: After going home to figure out what was going on with his hip, they found a tumor on his hip. That is the most recent news that I have heard on how he is doing, so be sure to keep him and his family in your prayers.

I was thinking about buying a nice WATERPROOF, really classy Danish looking jacket for my early birthday present, I might be getting it if it is still on sale. If not I won't worry about but just so you don't freak out if some Money from my account disappears ;) Hope that that is ok, if not then this is a big IOU for the future :)

PLEASE SEND IN YOUR NEXT EMAIL... *Drum scores *Siblings physical addresses
That is pretty much it. Pictures on the way, Love you both!
Ældste Pitcher