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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

So anyway here is my week:
Monday, when we were leaving the library to go buy groceries, a group of American girls passed us going the other way giggling and talking with each other, and then they went quiet when they passed by. I was thinking about why when one of them went "OoOoo!" to me and Elder Taylor as we just passed by. I was very flattered, and we just laughed about it the whole way back to the apartment.

There were also a lot of toads out and so we saved a bunch of them from the middle of the street seeing how there were already frog guts all of the place.. 'Toad'-ally worth it ;) Pun-sational!

Tuesday, knocked a lot of doors, got a lot of angry old ladies saying that we couldn't be out at 7 in the evening right before they were about to go to bed...... I love Scive :) It's always a riot knocking doors here.

Wednesday we went around picking up trash just to try clean up in the area a little bit. We've been focusing a lot on service to try and soften peoples hearts since missionaries are already well known here... not in a positive way sadly. So that was very good. Many old ladies coming up and thanking us and asking about our organization that we were from... Ja tak! :)

Thursday we had our district meeting in Randers and went to this place with the biggest Durham Kebab I've ever seen. I'll send pictures, but man was it delicious. I ate the whole thing in one sitting :) I've heard it claimed to be the biggest one in the mission, but I'm not positive.

Friday, weekly planning and knockin..

Saturday we invited our good buddy 'P' from England to baptism, and he said yes if he got a confirmation. I asked if there was anything we could do and he said there was nothing that we could do that missionaries hadn't already done before, that it was just up to him to feel 'a small nudge' for him to be completely converted as he said it. I'm going to find something flap dangit.

I asked him a lot of questions that day.

Sunday we went out knocking after church. (I blessed the sacrament for the first time in Sacrament meeting this week!) And knocked an entire set of apartments and received the same response of 'I'm not interested' the whole way. I only counted 2 people that were under the age of 60 the whole time as well. Crazy.

We also made a Cat friend that followed us for a few blocks after we saw it in an apartment complex and started playing with it. It found us again in the evening time on the journey back and followed us back towards our apartment. Funny little thing haha.

That's pretty much it I think.

Takis are always a nice treat if Sara was to bring anything :) I had forgotten the exact day I went into the MTC but did realize I was coming up on that 6 month mark pretty quick. I'm very excited to have been out for so long, and I'm excited to see where I will be at in another 6.

Time really has just flown by. I have had a lot of dreams recently where I am back getting onto the plane to Denmark, and before I realize it I'm coming back down off of the elevator to the Salt Lake airport and don't remember anything!

It is very sad, but has been encouraging me to keep up with my journal and make the most of the short time I have here so I think it is also a good thing sometimes. Let me know if there is anything that I can pray for anyone for! I love you both!
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