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Elder Pitcher
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

This week has been an awesome last week in Frederiksberg. I got to see many of the wonderful people that I came in contact with during my time there, and it was awesome to see the progress they have made, and the friendships we now share.

Tuesday Elder Hardy Hansen, Sister Peterson, Sister Grant and I had one of the best train rides I've had in Denmark.

Coming off of the spiritual high from Zone Conference, I felt like it was just bound to happen that I would find someone on the train ride to Slagelse for splits. Sure enough, a man came in and began to put his things in the overhead bin when I just asked him if it was cold outside. From that one second of opening my mouth sparked an hour long discussion about family history, the church, and in the end a prayer. We asked for his info at the end and he said he wasn't that interested in meeting but that he was grateful for the family search site, and explanation of the church.

We weren't the only ones to have a fun ride either. Sister Peterson and Sister Grant talked with two different people, shared prayers with both of them, got their information, and Sister Peterson even invited the man to baptism to which he said yes! Crazy Little 'soul train' we had ourselves there as Elder Hardy Hansen liked to call it.

We were all so happy after that we had a nice quiet moment off from the station to have a prayer in gratitude of what happened.

Tuesday found out my new area is Sciva! One of the smallest Towns. Quite a change from the big city. 

NOTE: Skive is a town in Skive municipality (Danish, Skive Kommune) in Region Midtjylland at the base of Salling Peninsula, a part of the larger Jutland peninsula in northwest Denmark. It is the municipality's main town and the site of its municipal council. The town of Skive is located at the mouth of the Karup River (Karup Å) and the Skive Fjord, part of the Limfjord. Skive has a population of 20,503.

Thursday had my language test which was so easy it was offensive almost.

Saturday ate with our fingers African style at the home of a member named ‘P’ from Uganda. She is an incredible lady. Very strong testimony.

Sunday Copenhagen said goodbye to me with a beautiful sunset as we watched the changing of the guard at the Queens Palace. Right after which we had a lesson on the street with a man from Poland. Awesome way to make an exit.

I'm excited to be serving in Sciva! Elder Taylor and I already get along really well.

Seems like all is still well there. I sent Carson an email to read when he gets discouraged with drumming last week also, so if you ever hear anything about that remind him to read it. I love you Guys so much! Looks like you all are still having fun as well. This is good. :)

Elder Pitcher