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Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hey MOM and DAD :)

Answering your question(s). I do still write people like Aunt Val and Bishop Donat... I haven't been so good to do it every week, and it's always just a couple pictures with a description so nothing big.

This week was pretty up and down. After a few appointments that went well on Monday, and then the amazing trip to Copenhagen and Fredericia (for Elder Pike), Elder Pike and I both ended up coming home with colds. Though it wasn't anything we couldn't work through it did show that we were feeling pretty exhausted after spending two nights in a row not in our own beds, and travelling sick. It didn't help either that many of our planned appointments fell through leaving us with much more open time to have to manage towards the end of the week.

'M' got sick and was unable to meet, and then 'K' our baptismal date told us he would be driving across Jylland for work for the next 4 weeks which was also kind of a bummer.

It was a week with really high highlights, and then it seemed as though we were pushing through brick walls for the rest of the week. In any case we got through it, and we have high hopes for next week so I know it's nothing we should be too worried about.

Elder Pike is coming to the end of the training program, and seems ready to take over the area.  We should be getting transfer calls here any second!  I'm expecting a new area here pretty soon so I'm looking forward to this quite a bit.  I hope they don't send a weinie to Viborg ;)  Just kidding, I have complete confidence in all of the missionaries I've ever met with in the mission.  We've got a wonderful group over here. 

We also held an English class this week.  A few people from Syria have been looking for an English teacher and through a friend they got to us.  I love teaching English, especially since I speak more Danish then Elder Pike because I get to teach the beginners, and it's a good little challenge, plus the people are always so gracious about everything.  It just makes you feel like you are making a difference in people's lives even past just telling others about the gospel. 

Bottom line, I'm happy.  The Copenhagen trip was awesome.  Going through the temple again was amazing, and I got to see the newest of the films which I was pretty happy about since it's pretty far between visits to the temple.  Overall a pretty good week :)
MTC District - one year

I'm glad you've commended me for my good picture taking because to be completely honest, and I'm sorry to say it, we didn't have time again in Copenhagen to get pictures :P  When we went to the temple we left our things in the church and I didn't have my camera, and then it was straight off to the trains when we did get back.. sorry.  I did get a few pictures though. 

I'm also happy to hear that you are getting more tech savvy.  That is a huge part of sharing the gospel that the church is just now starting to chart into, and it's incredible to hear about the amount of referrals that have started coming out since this part of the hastening of the work has been looked into. Keep it up! :) 

I didn't end up doing anything special for my one year mark, but I did get to talk with a lot of missionary friends for a long time on the way home so I consider that to be my present.  Sister Henderson (from my Group), and Sister Hale (served with me in Copenhagen) were both on the train back, so it was fun to catch up.  I really do have the best MTC Group. 
Everyone in the mission always talks about it, and we just kind of know it ;)  It was great to see them all again and how much they have grown as well.  They're all great leaders. 

Love you both!
Ældste Teagan Pitcher