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Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Here's my week....

We have been working really hard recently, and those people we have been looking for have finally started to come through in our weekly reports.

We set up a baptismal date with our new friend ‘KT’ earlier this week. He's a little bit crazy and all over the place, but he wants to follow Christ in whatever way he can, and was willing to give up smoking right away! We're excited to be a part of his progression.

We also were able to have a great law of chastity lesson with ‘M’ and ‘S’ this week. They both expressed that they knew that it was for the best, and talked about the blessings they knew would come from it. It was great to have them both participating so well. They are going to talk about it because we obviously can't make that choice for them (though I have thought that out in my head, and it looks pretty funny, 'will you marry him?' haha).

It also seems that we will be starting up another English class in this part of the country. A few recent friends of ours have looked to set something up. They are almost all from Syria, and we'll be teaching them English in the coming weeks.

Conquering the hill 4x per day!
Other than that, I'm really looking forward to yet another trip to Copenhagen! It will be good to reunite with the BEST MTC group in the mission again :) Also many great friends from the earlier group which is Elder Ogden's group.  We're going in for some sort of 1 year mark reunion.  I'm so excited!  Hopefully we'll actually get to do some touring around this time because we will be in the city for like 6 hours! :) 

Crazy to hear about everything that happened in St. George.  I forgot to mention this before, but Connor King's father also plays the bagpipes!  I couldn't believe I had forgotten to add that in.  I think he even knows how to play the chanter. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the package, and want you to both know that I love you guys so much :)  Have an awesome week!

Ældste Pitcher