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"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phillipians 4:13)

Monday, June 1, 2015

May 25, 2015

Hey Ma, Hey Pa!

Here's my week:
Elder Higby and I had a really good meeting this week with the branch council members, and we were able to get a lot of support in the work that we are doing right now.  It sounds like ‘A’ will be getting extended a call here pretty soon (he already had an interview with Pres. Cullingford), which was something specific we brought up, as well as getting more members out to appointments, to which all of the male members said to be sure to just give them a call in advance and they'd love to come (not that it has really ever been a problem before, I love the members here).  I've noticed the branch really reaching out to the missionaries over the last couple of weeks, and I'm excited to see how the work is going to progress as we take advantage of it. 

We also had a really good splits this week with the Zone leaders Elder Zalewski and Elder Zenger.  They are both such incredible missonaries.  We were actually able to get around to five solid appointments that day, plus find a new investigator and a few potentials. 

I took a lot away from that day, Elder Zenger is an excellent missionary with some great ideas about how to improve missionary work.  This week we were supposed to have our good friend ‘M’ with us in church.  The Friday and Saturday night follow ups were very promising, and she said she was really looking forward to bringing ‘Ma’ with to meet some of the kids (we definitely talked up our primary), and in the end she flaked out.  We were really disappointed, BUT ‘A’ came after a Saturday night follow up, and that lead to him having the interview with Quentin, so THAT was a success story from church. 

People just need to start coming to this branch to see how wonderful they are!!

Sometimes it can be a little frustrating, but we are still working hard, and have an extra strong focus on finding new friends this week, so we'll be sure to follow up on that. 

Some other fun things....  Elder Higby and I went to a 'Fri Kirke' international party with one of our investigators who was singing there.  Elder Higby and I weren't just going to sit around though.  We got up and participated in a Serbian line dance, and then even asked if we could sing a song from our church.  (Elder Higby plays piano, I sang) It wasn't a small crowd either. Probably a little over a hundred people if I had to guess.  We did our own little rendition of 'A Child's Prayer', and I got video of it.  It was a blast :)  

We've had people we've talked with on the street over the last few days ask us if we were the ones at the party, and even knocked on the door of one of the priests for the 'Free Church'.  We're famous ;)  

It was a really good week though, just in case you couldn't already tell.

I'm glad to hear that everything is going so smoothly back home.  It's been great watching everyone grow up, and I feel like I'm very much a part of it, even if I'm not always just in the other room. 

Tia had also mentioned that she felt like she could feel my presence at home, so who knows, maybe I was just having a nifty out of body, dream experience ;)  

I love you both!  Have a great week!  
Ældste Pitcher